As Apple announced iPhone5 launch in Hong Kong, the version number of iPhone finally jumps from 4 to 5. The new iPhone5 is said by Apple to be “the biggest to happen to iPhone since iPhone”. Apple Company also posted the pre-order notice on the Hong Kong Online Apple Store.

You can pre-order and reserve a new iPhone5 from the 20th of September 2012 onward. Lucky ones will have chance to pick up iPhone5 from any one of Apple Retail Stores in Hong Kong earliest on 8:00am of the 21st of September.

From the past situation of the New iPad which was launched in Hong Kong on the 8th of March 2012, you maybe need to pre-check the stability of your internet and crazily click your mouse, because the new iPad were sold out within 10 min from the Online Apple Store on the first day. Apple store then showed “Currently unavailable” due to out of stock for weeks.

iPhone5 is launched in Hong Kong, Compared with iPhone 4s

iPhone5 compared with iPhone4s

How to Purchase iPhone5 in Hong Kong?

Unfortunately according to the new rules of Apple Company in Hong Kong, all the Apple Retail Stores will not entertain the walk-in customers. Customers need to provide an Hong Kong ID to win the lottery from pre-order process.

The iPhone5 is larger but thinner than iPhone 4 and provides two color options: black and white. The price in Hong Kong starts from HK$ 5588 (16G) to HK$ 7188 (64G). All the early adopters may need to figure out how to get a Nano-Sim since it is not compatible with existing micro-SIM cards.

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