Causeway Bay, the world’s second highest rent district (the highest rent district of the world is Fifth Avenue of New York USA), is the result of land-reclamation projects. This heavily built-up area is nowadays the shopping and fashion centre in Hong Kong and packed with trendy shops carrying products from all around the world.

Causeway Bay was a small silted gulf on Hong Kong Island with the shape of a gong. The former coastline around Causeway Bay can be found along the Tung Lo Wan Road today and it is also where name of “Causeway Bay” originated from. Similar to Mongkok, Causeway Bay is one of the most crowded area in Hong Kong and also a popular social spot for the young generation.

Causeway Bay is located next to Wan Chai and Central on Hong Kong Island and can easily be reached by all means of transportation like bus, minibus as well as MTR subway (Causeway Bay station). The iconic Ding Ding Tram‘s routes pass just across Causeway Bay district that you definitely should not miss the opportunity to explore Hong Kong Island with this historic but cheapest transportation in Hong Kong (only HK$ 2.3 for one ride).

What to SEE ?

Although Causeway Bay is chiefly famous for shopping fashions, it still has much more to offer. Victoria Park, where was a typhoon shelter known as Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter, is situated on the north of Hong Kong Island. It is not only a popular public resting place for tourists and citizens, but also a home for celebration events during Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas as well as the new year’s eve. Especially on Chinese New Year, a traditional Chinese New Year Fair (similar to Xmas Market in Western world) will be held here and attract tens of thousands of people gathered in celebration every year.

Attractions in Causeway Bay District

Attractions in Causeway Bay District

Several stations away from Causeway Bay station by tram, between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai, Hong Kong’s famous racecourse “Happy Valley Racecourse” is a surreal sight. Even if you have no interest in betting and gambling, feeling the excitement and thrill among thousands of eager punters is an intense, unforgettable experience that you should not miss. There is also a museum at the Happy Valley racecourse called the Hong Kong Racing Museum at Happy Valley. Make sure to have a look at this one to get a nice overview and insights of the fascinating historical development of horse racing in Hong Kong.

Not too far away from Happy Valley Racecourse is the Hong Kong Stadium with a maximum seat capacity of 40000. Every year during Hong Kong Sevens Rugby Tournament, Hong Kong Stadium will be completely packed and transformed to a crazy party by the enthusiastic rugby fans.

Located on a small enclosed area near Causeway Bay, the Noon Day Gun is a former piece of artillery owned and operated by Jardine Matheson. Every noontime (12:00pm), the Noon Day Gun fires on time to follow the tradition originated in the 1860s. As Noon Day Gun is near the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter where the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club is located, there are always many modern yachts floating along the shore.

If you are more keen on Chinese tradition and culture, the villain hitting under Canal Road Flyover near Time Square shopping mall maybe meets your expectation. Villain Hitting is a unique tradition originated from Guang Dong province in China and becomes a humble career that is usually performed by older ladies in Hong Kong. Especially on Jingzhe (the 3rd of 24 solar terms in the traditional East Asian calendars), the area under Canal Road Flyover are always crammed by villain hitters and lined-up clients that police are dispatched to maintain security.

More Attractions in Causeway Bay

Where to SHOPPING ?

As a world-famous shopping heaven, there are upscale shopping malls, cheerful markets, budding local designers and top international labels galore in Causeway Bay. From cosmetics, computer gadgets to the latest fashion, jewellery, here has everything that you expect to find.

Shopping Malls like Time Square, Lee Garden, Fashion Walk, Windsor House, LaForet, Causeway Place, wtc more, Sogo combined with fashion stalls and hawkers are throughout the whole Causeway Bay district.

Where to RELAX ?

Feel exhausted after shopping? Causeway Bay has hundreds of restaurants to choose from and especially is a hot spot for Korean and Japanese cuisine. Besides, restaurants such as Lei Garden, Forum, Ho Kung Kee and MIST are nominated in the 2012 Hong Kong Michelin Guide.

No matter you would like to taste a fine cocktail in a rooftop bar or to unwind in a spa and take a quick break from the city’s hustle and bustle, Causeway Bay can also satisfy your demand (Read more about “Top Spa in Hong Kong” and “Top Bar in Hong Kong“).

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