Since the 2013 Lunar New Year Fireworks Display will be one of the highlights of the Chinese New Year Celebrations we would like to take the opportunity to provide you with some updates on this spectacular event.

This year’s Chinese New Year’s Firework will start at 8:00pm on February 11, 2013 (the second day of Chinese Lunar Year) and is as usual free of charge. The 2013 Chinese New Year’s Firework Display will consist of eight scenes. 24000 pyrotechnic shells will be fired to the night sky of Hong Kong from three barges in Victoria Harbour. The 2013 Chinese New Year’s Firework Display will last for 23 minutes and highlights include a fiery symbol of “8” as well as a snake scene to ring in the “Year of the Snake” and to wish people good fortune, luck and prosperity.

Fireworks Over Hong Kong

Fireworks Over Hong Kong

For the first ever, an animated graphic will be projected on the wall of the Cultural Centre by laser. The animatic graphic will feature the popular and famous South Korean singer and rapper PSY with his Gangnam Style song. The animated graphic will show PSY performing his popular “horse dance” under the fireworks showcasing Hong Kong’s love of horse racing and vibrancy of the city.

Last but not least, there will also be a laser show 30 minutes before the actual 2013 Chinese New Year’s Firework Display starts.

The best places to watch the 2013 Chinese New Year’s Firework Display are in Tsim Sha Tsui, Mid-Levels, Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay and Hung Hom. Please read our related article for additional insights about previous fireworks displays and experience.

Please be reminded that special traffic arrangements are in effect before and after the Chinese New Year’s Firework Show. This includes closure (!) of roads and MTR Exits. Be prepared for a very large crowd and we highly recommend to plan your arrival way ahead of the schedule fireworks time. In case you would like to watch the Chinese New Year’s Firework Show from one of our recommended listing, be sure to make reservations.

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