Chinese Opera lovers and persons who are interested in Chinese culture should mark down the following event in their calendars. From June 15th till August 5th, 2012 the Chinese Opera Festival 2012 will take place in Hong Kong. During this period of time, Hong Kong showcases and offers 10 delightful programs related with the Chinese Opera. We highly recommend taking a closer look at this special and unique event and let yourself immerse on a wonderful journey of traditions, culture, sights and sounds.

Workshops and performances are offered during the Chinese Opera Festival 2012 event and it is a once in a lifetime chance to experience different styles of Chinese Operas. Many famous artists and stars will be standing and stage and perform classic shows. Among the stars are leading names from the Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong as well as from the famous China National Peking Opera.

What can you enjoy on Chinese Opera Festival 2012?

This year’s shows include typical Cantonese Opera, Peking Opera, Huangmei Opera (from Anhui), Kunqu Opera (from Jiangsu), Yue Opera (from Hangzhou), Gan Opera (from Jiangxi) as well as a gem of the Taiwanese Culture: the Gezi Opera.

You can experience and enjoy such classics performances and stories as “The Story of the West Chamber (Southern Qu)” and “The Palace of Eternal Life”. Aside of the classic performances visitors can also enjoy various regional traditional operas including “The Seventh Fairy Maden” (performed by the cast of the Anhui Huangmei Opera Theatre), “The Female Consort of the Princess” or “Zhou Ren on the Way Home”.

Last but not least, visitors have a chance to visit and participate in numerous activities other than the classical Chinese Opera stage performances. Chinese Opera Film screenings, symposiums, exhibitions as well as talks given by the artists and performers are a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of the Chinese Opera.

Where to get the tickets?

Tickets prices as well as the venue vary. Tickets can be purchased directly at the venue or online through URBTIX ( Since the Chinese Opera Festival has been quite popular in the past we highly recommend purchasing the tickets online.

If people who is either a full-time student, senior above 60 or the one with disabilities can enjoy 50% off of ticket prices during theChinese Opera Festival 2012. Discounts will also be given to those who purchase tickets of more than one performance at a time:

10% discount for each purchase of 3-4 different performances;
15% discount for each purchase of 5-9 different performances;
20% discount for each purchase of 10 different performances or more

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