More insider tips on Hong Kong Disneyland hotels

Use official promotion and benefits

Some insider tips have been pointed out in the previous discussion. You should take advantage of them when booking one of the Hong Kong Disneyland hotels. In addition, check the official website for the current prices and if there are special early bird promotions.

Use hotel price comparing website wisely

I would highly recommend to check hotel rates at HOTELSCOMBINED.COM site, which compares almost over 100+ famous hotel booking sites (, tripadvisor, agoda, expedia, etc.). It saves me tons of time on comparing the prices on different sites by only one click. Most of time you will have a good chance to score a lower price than booking directly from Disneyland.

In case you decide to stay in the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for more than one night, you might want to take a closer look at the annual membership offers which entitle you for enjoying certain percentage discounts or upgrade offers.

If the prices for the Hong Kong Disneyland hotels are way out of your limits, there are plenty of other choices in Hong Kong. It is probably a little bit more inconvenient since you have to travel back and forth to the park, but maybe can save you money which you can spend on souvenirs or other sightseeing attractions during your Hong Kong stay.

Tips About Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

Insider Tip 1:

A unique thing about Disney’s Hollywood is that no extra room service available. Especially, if you travel with small kids who need an extra or early rest and you don’t want or simply cannot leave them alone, it is always a nice option to order some food to your room.

So be prepared and use the small refrigerator wisely to stock up with some food from outside (which is also a good option to save some money).

Insider Tip 2:

Some hotel rooms don’t only offer spectacular views of Lantau Island and its surrounding, but also offer great views of the nightly fireworks show. So in case you and your kids are tired and need a rest, you still be able to enjoy the spectacular fireworks shows from the convenience of your room. The hotel has a special in-house fireworks channel on TV where you can listen to the accompanied music of the fireworks display.

Insider Tip 3:

If you also would like to enjoy the services like Enchanted Garden, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or other restaurants in Disneyland Hotel, it is still possible to make a reservation with them no matter which hotel you stay. These three hotels just steps away from each other anyway.

Tips About Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Insider Tip 1:

In case you would like to stay in this hotel, I would recommend securing your booking at least 1-2 months ahead of your planned visit. Due to its location and popularity it gets booked out pretty fast.

Insider Tip 2:

In case you are traveling with a larger group and need more than one room and/or are opting to book one of the Kingdom Club Rooms you might want to take a closer look at the Magic Access membership. In the past, the Platinum Membership gave you a choice on either saving a certain percentage off your hotel room or paying rack a rate for a guaranteed upgrade to the Kingdom Club Room.

However, keep in mind that rules will change from time to time and it seems that at present only a certain percentage of the hotel room rate can be applied and it is best to double-check with their reservation line. Having said that, it can make sense even for short-time visitors to obtain the annual passes. Simply do the math and see if you can benefit from the savings.

Tips About Disney Explorers Lodge

Insider Tip 1:

Since it is a newly opened hotel, it is in the promotion period. Further discounts on the official prices are available. If you decide to stay in one of the Disneyland hotels, why not try this one while it is still brand new ?

There is very little information for the moment about the Disney Explorers Lodge because it has just opened for months. More insider tips will be updated in near future.

Finally let’s do a quick hotel statistic comparison. I just put the major differences among the three hotels here. For any detailed information, please refer to the contents of the previous page.

Hotel Statistic Comparison

Disney Explorers Lodge

Disneyland Hotel

Disney’s Hollywood

Hotel Class

4 Stars

5 Stars

4 Stars

Hotel Location

Close to Disneyland Gate

Close to Disneyland Gate

Close to Disneyland Gate

Free Shuttle Bus

Yes, 24 Hours

Yes, 24 Hours

Yes, 24 Hours

Architecture Style

Explorer Style

Victorian Style

Hollywood Style with Mickey Themed

Hotel Size

About 750 Rooms on 7 Floors

About 400 Rooms on 6 Floors

About 600 Rooms on 8 Floors

Hotel Room Type

Garden View and Sea View

Garden View and Sea View

Garden View, Sea View and Park View

Room Style




Room Rate

HK$ 2200 – HK$ 5400

HK$ 2400 – HK$ 7500

HK$ 1900 – HK$ 3200

Dining Options

3 Restaurants

4 Restaurants

3 Restaurants

Character Dining (Highlights)

In Dragon Wind and World of Color with Mickey Mouse

In Enchanted Garden with 6 Disney Characters

In Chef Mickey with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

Shopping Options

“Trading Post” Souvenir Store

“Kingdom Gifts” Souvenir Store

“Celebrity Gifts” Souvenir Store

Princess Dressing Service


Yes, In Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique


Kid Playground

Four Themed Gardens

Mickey Maze, Story Book Playroom

Malibu Games

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