Although, we hope you won’t need the following numbers during your stay in Hong Kong, we strongly advise you to save these numbers into your cellphone or write it down in your travel diary.

Emergency Services (Police, Ambulance, Fire): 999

Emergency Services from a cell phone: 112 or 999

Police Hotline: +(852) 2527 7177

Hong Kong International Airport: +(852) 2181 8888

Hong Kong Tourism Board Hotline: +(852) 2508 1234

Hong Kong Post: +(852) 2921 2222

When you are shopping, if the trader fails to address your concern, you can try to reach the consumer council by:

Consumer Complaint & Enquiry Hotline of Consumer Council Hong Kong: +(852) 2929 2222

If you suspect the trader sells counterfeit items or illegal photocopying books, software, you can try to complaint by:

Hotline of Hong Kong Customs: +(852) 2545 6182

If you suspect the pharmacy stores selling unregistered or counterfeit pharmaceutical products, you can report to:

Department of Health’s Drug Complaint Hotline: +(852) 2572 2068

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