Breaking News (12th Feb) :
Hong Kong Government decided to cancel the 2018 Chinese New Year Fireworks to mourn the victims in bus crash tragedy. In addition, flags at Hong Kong government offices will be flown at half-mast tomorrow.

In the evening of 10th of February, a double-decker bus has flipped over and crashed on Tai Po Road, causing 19 dead and 66 injured.

There will not be the fireworks show in the eventing of 17th of Feb 2018. If you have booked special tickets for watching the fireworks, you may contact with the related company to see whether there will be refund.

Other traditional celebrations (eg. Flower Markets, Night Parade etc.) will remain the same. You still can take a harbour tour viewing Victoria Harbour at other time.

Hong Kong is about to celebrate 2018 Chinese New Year – Year of the Dog with splendid fireworks show on the 17th of February 2018. The Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks display is always best fireworks display of the year. Not only because all the fireworks will be shot from the landside, skyscrapers and sea along Victoria Harbour, but also it will be the most innovative fireworks show of the year. Imagine that you can enjoy the fireworks with a front seat that is closest to the fireworks and stay away from tens of thousands of crowds. Are there better ways than enjoying the fireworks Harbour Tour on Victoria Harbour?

How about celebrate this special day aboard a cruise ship or one of Hong Kong’s iconic traditional Junk boats? Sailing to the middle of Victoria Harbour and feel the stunning scenery in the closest distance. Nothing beats these views and there is no better vantage point to enjoy the spectacular fireworks.

Beside enjoying the fireworks from all the recommended best locations on land, you also have a chance to watch the fireworks while you are on the Victoria Harbour. There are several travel companies offering different options this year.

If you are just checking out for standard harbour tour (Day Harbour Tour, Night Harbour Tour and Symphony of Lights Harbour Tour), you can also get an overview from Review of Hong Kong Victoria Harbour Tours.

Fireworks Victoria Harbour Tour - Aqua Luna Tour

Fireworks Harbour Tour

If you would like to enjoy other Chinese New Year celebrations, such as Lunar New Year Fair, Night Parade etc., check out the review below.

Hong Kong Harbour Tours – DUKLING
The Last Authentic Traditional Fishing Junk

DUKLING was built in Macau in 1950s and served as fishing boat in Hong Kong till 1985. It was restored to her original glory and re-sails on Victoria Harbour since 2005. As an icon of Hong Kong, it is now “the only inheritant sailing junk in Hong Kong”. It represents Hong Kong’s glorious history as well as the impression of Hong Kong while Hong Kong was a fishing village.

Fireworks Harbour Tour - DUKLING Tour

DUKLING Harbour Tour

2018 DUKLING Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks Tour
(Limited seats)

Smile Unlimited soft drink and beer + 2 glass of red/white wine + Dim Sum + Chinese snacks + Souvenirs
camera Watch fireworks display
schedule The 17th of February 2018
clock Embark at Mau Tau Kok Public Pier (18:30) and Tong Shui Road Pier (18:50)
Price HK$ 788 for adult / HK$ 488 for child and senior

The DUKLING Junk ride can only be booked directly from their official website “ Last but not least, we also would like to mention that you can private charter the DUKLING for your own and individual Harbour Tour experience.

Aqua Luna
Chinese Junk Harbour Tour

Taking Aqua Lana and sailing on Victoria Harbour is a unique experience. Aqua Luna junk is operated by the Aqua Restaurant Group and is one of the last remaining traditional junks still in operation in Hong Kong.

Aqua Luna now has two different junk boats. One is with red sail, which is older. The new one has white said with blue dragon. For the Chinese New Year fireworks harbour tours, the two boats have different embarking location. You may choose according to the location convenient for you and your preferred boat style.

Hong Kong Harbour Tours - Aqua Luna Harbour Tour

Red-sail Aqua Luna Junk Boat

Hong Kong Harbour Tours - White Sail Aqua Luna Harbour Tour

White-sail Aqua Luna Junk Boat

2018 Aqua Luna Chinese New Year Fireworks Tour
(booking deadline: 7 Feb 2018)

Smile 2-hour Night Tour with dinner meal in HuTong or Aqua restaurant
camera Watch fireworks display
schedule The 17th of Feburary 2018 (19:00 – 21:00)
clock Gather at 18:30 and Embark at 19:00
map Embark at Hung Hom Pier (red-sail boat)
map Embark at North Point Public Pier (white-sail boat)
Price HK$ 1,188 for adult / HK$ 788 for child

Please refer to the original website of Aqua Luna ( for more information about the special day cruises as well as the exact sailing schedule and pick up times.

Fireworks Harbour Tour with Chinese-style boat (Watertours)

Watertours Hong Kong Ltd. is a subsidiary of Wing On Travel and established in the late 1950s. Their tour is on a Chinese-style tour boat offering narrations in English (supplementary by Mandarin).

Hong Kong Harbour Tours - Watertours Harbour Tour (Wing On Travel 220 persons ship)

Watertours Harbour Tour

2018 Watertours Chinese New Year Fireworks Display Cruise

Smile Open bar onboard and potato chips
camera Watch fireworks display
schedule The 17th of Feburary 2018 (18:45 – 20:30)
clock Gather at 18:30
map Depart (18:45) / Return (20:30) at Sai Wan Ho Public Pier
Price HK$ 550 per person

If you have interests in this Harbour Tour, please book through the webpage of HK Watertours ( or simply give them a call at +(852)2926 3868.

Fireworks Harbour Cruise from Bauhinia Ltd.

Similar to Watertours Harbour Tour, you can enjoy a buffer dinner on board as well as fireworks. The boat from Bauhinia Ltd. is a three-deck boat with a capacity of 300 passengers.

Harbour Cruise – Bauhinia

Harbour Cruise – Bauhinia (Cruise 1 from Hung Hom Ferry Pier)

Harbour Cruise – Bauhinia

Harbour Cruise – Bauhinia (Cruise 2 from North Point Ferry Pier)

This year The Harbour Cruise from Bauhinia Ltd will provide two cruise ships for the Chinese New Year Fireworks show. One will board at Hung Hom Ferry Pier while another one will board at North Point Ferry Pier.

Bauhinia Harbour Cruise
Chinese New Year Fireworks Cruise 2018

Smile 2.5-hour Night Tour (dinner buffet, live band performance and sightseeing)
camera Watch fireworks during dinner
schedule the 17th of February 2018
clock Cruise 1 embarks from Hung Hom Ferry Pier (19:35 – 22:05)
clock Cruise 2 embarks from North Point East Passenger Pier (18:45 – 21:15)
Price HK$ 680 per person

For more details, you can also check Harbour Cruise – Bauhinia website (

Fireworks Harbour Tour from Star Ferry Ltd.

As one of the oldest public transportation in Hong Kong, taking Star Ferry is not only the highlight of sightseeing but also a historic way of crossing Victoria Harbour. This year, Star Ferry also offers New Year’s Eve Firework Cruise.

Star Ferry's Harbour Tour (at night)

Star Ferry Harbour Tour (at night)

2018 Chinese New Year Fireworks on Shining Star

Smile 3-hour Night Tour (CNY gift included)
camera Watch Chinese New Year Fireworks
schedule The 17th of February 2018 (6:30pm – 9:30pm)
clock Embark from Waiting Concourse of Star Ferry Harbour Tour
Price HK$ 270

(Passengers under12-year old will not be accepted)

Watch 2018 Chinese New Year Fireworks on Star Ferry Pier

Smile 7:30pm – 8:30pm fireworks watching (CNY gift included)
schedule The 17th of February 2018
clock At Waiting Concourse of Star Ferry Harbour Tour (TST Pier)
Price HK$ 170

Tickets can only be purchased from the ticket counters of TST Star Ferry Pier. For more information about fares and departing times please refer to the Star Ferry’s Homepage ( or simply contact them by phone : +(852) 2118 6201.

Fireworks Harbour Tour from Jetway Express Ltd.

There is another option for watching fireworks on the harbor tour from Jetway Express Ltd. with pick-up service.

Their boats is a Chinese Junk Boat called “Oriental Dragon”. Please be aware that the dinner included is seafood dinner and is at Lei Yue Mun Fishing Village (not on board). They provide Tour narrations in five languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, German as well as Italian.

2018 Chinese New Year Fireworks on Jetway Express

Smile Unlimited drink and snack included
camera Watch Chinese New Year Fireworks + Dinner
schedule The 17th of February 2018
Price HK$ 1200 (adult) / HK$ 1100 (2-12 year old child)

If you have interests in this Harbour Tour, please contact:
Jetway Express Ltd.
Enquiries Call: +(852) 2336 6916 (8:30am-6:30pm daily)

box-info2 Do You Know
  • The prices of the above tours are much higher than their usual prices (almost 2-5 times). The main reason of course is that these tours will be during the firework display. Therefore, if you are more interested in one harbor tour instead of specific fireworks harbor tour, you can check out other options of Hong Kong Victoria Harbour Tours.

  • Be aware that the quotas of these harbor tours are limited. If you want to experience this special firework event with this unique way, please contact with the companies and book as soon as possible while seats are still available.

  • If you unfortunately miss the chance of getting a ticket, don’t be unhappy. Usually on the 1st of October (China National Day) and on the last day of a year (31st of December), Hong Kong will also have fireworks display. You can consider to book it if you have a chance to visit Hong Kong by the time.

  • Otherwise, just go to locations we recommend in our article “Where Are the Best Places to Enjoy Hong Kong Fireworks Show“. Watching on land is also fantastic.

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