After the first day tour, the second day tour and the third day tour, it may be a good idea to have a fun day out in one of the theme parks. Lots of people have been asking about the Theme parks Hong Kong Disneyland as well as Ocean Park Hong Kong, where to go, how much time to spend and if it is worthwhile to go. The day is for all of you who are still young at heart and/or are traveling with kids.

Today you basically have two options. Both of them need at least half day to explore.

1. Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland opened its gate to visitors in 2005. It’s the fifth Disneyland in the world and host seven theme parks similar to the other Disneyland. Although it’s the smallest Disneyland so far, it still will cost you a complete day to explore. Besides, the daily fireworks at 8:30pm and newly launched Paint The Night Parade at 7:00pm are the highlights of the visit that worth your stay.

Sleeping Beauty Castle in Hong Kong

Sleeping Beauty Castle in Hong Kong

If you decide to stay one day or longer time in Disneyland, you may consider staying in the Disney hotels. Hong Kong Disneyland has two hotels : Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel. If you don’t know which one you should choose, you can refer to our review below.

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2. Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong has opened over 30 years since 1977 and attracts millions visitors from all over the world every year. It covers more than 870000 square meters and is basically divided into two major attraction areas (The Waterfront and The Summit). These areas are connected by a 1.5 km long cable carried, the world second largest outdoor escalator or the newly added Ocean Express Train.

Hong Kong Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park

If you would like to enjoy the park relaxed, you basically need a complete day for exploring Ocean Park too, not only because it carries lots of attractions, but also because it is always crowed with tourists and visitors. Be prepared to stand in line waiting for restaurant seats and cable cars.

Insider Tips: If possible try to avoid weekends and/or holidays (especially such as Chinese New Year or Christmas). Both parks are usually very full at these times and so crowded that you cannot believe. Be prepared to wait a long time for each ride/attraction.

We had experience when visiting Ocean Park on a holiday, we had to wait for each line at least 1 hour in Ocean Park and the food in all the restaurants and food stalls were sold out. Even McDonald’s had no hamburger to offer anymore. The park had to send out policemen for help because of the chaos. The streets were completely blocked by visitors that you couldn’t go both directions. What a horrible memory!

How Much Time Do You Need  in The Parks ?

When we talk about how much time you need to spend inside the park, I think it all depends on what you expect. Basically both parks are very large and it’s not so easy to manage to see the main attractions of these parks in less than half-a-day. You also need to consider the time that you need to wait in lines. Although many travel agencies just bring their guests to either park and spend only half-day day there, to our opinion, you will be regret if you find out you don’t have enough time.

Hong Kong Disneyland is smallest Disneyland in the world but we still think that you won’t be able to appreciate and enjoy these parks in such a short time. In addition, this is especially true for the Ocean Park due to the fact that Ocean Park is bigger in size. Even if you spend a whole day inside the park it will be a rush to see most of the main attractions.

Also be prepared that the expense on food and beverages inside the parks will be much higher than normal price.

Jumbo Kingdom

If you decide to visitor Ocean Park, you may consider to take a look and have dinner at Jumbo Kingdom. It is one of the world’s largest floating restaurants and also an iconic landmark of Hong Kong. Many celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Chow Yun Fat, John Wayne, even Queen Elisabeth II, have dinned here. Quite tempting, isn’t it?

Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant

Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant

Since the Tai Chue Wan entrance of Ocean Park is closed permanently, the best and most convenient way from Ocean Park to Jumbo Kingdom is by taxi. Taxi fare is around HK$ 80 – 100 and about 10-15 min ride.

Today’s itinerary is pretty simple. You don’t need a tour guide to show you around. However, if you would like to have someone taking care of you in town and show you the best of Hong Kong within limited time, our Hong Kong experts are your best options.

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