Hong Kong is the heaven not only of shopping, but also for all the Hello Kitty fans. Recently McDonald’s Hong Kong launched another Hello Kitty summer promotion “Hello Kitty Fairy Tales”, offering six different Hello Kitty plush. Last year’s limited summer promotion Hello Kitty X McDonald where the cute Hello Kitty dressed up as Ronald McDonald and friends made Hong Kong Kitty fans crazy.

The McDonald’s “Hello Kitty Fairy Tales” characters are Hello Kitty dressed up as the Ugly Duckling, the Frog Prince, the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of OZ and Little Red Riding Hood. Each week Hello Kitty lovers have a chance to purchase one of the popular fairy tale crossover plush characters for HK$ 25 with any food order. In addition, McDonald’s Hong Kong also launched special “Fairytale Flavors of Summer” food items.

McDonald Hello Kitty Fairy Tales

McDonald Hello Kitty Fairy Tales

Kick-off of the first McDonald’s “Hello Kitty Fairy Tales” plush toy will be July 5th, 2012 with the cute Hello Kitty X Ugly Duckling and the newly introduced Crème Brulee McFlurry and Chicken McNuggets with Honey Mustard Sauce.

The Hello Kitty X Frog Prince as well as Green Tea Rea Bean Sundae and Chicken McNuggets with Wasabi flavored Sauce will follow the week from July 12th, 2012.

For all of you who love the Cowardly Lion should mark down the week from July 19th, 2012 where the Hello Kitty X Cowardly Lion Plush Toy is available as well as the Pineapple Punch Drink and Chicken McNuggets with Pomodoro Sauce.

Featured on July 26th, 2012 will be Hello Kitty X Little Red Riding Hood accompanied by a Grape McFloat and Chicken McNuggets with the famous Chipotle BBQ Sauce.

One nice thing about Hong Kong is that McDonald’s do home delivery. For every purchase above HK$ 70 Hello Kitty fans can get a special edition McDonald’s “Hello Kitty Fairy Tales” X McDelivery Plush Toy in form of Hello Kitty dressed up as a Magic Witch with witch hat and magic broom.

In case you can’t decide which one of the cute McDonald’s “Hello Kitty Fairy Tales” characters you should take home with you or you especially want the Wizard of OZ, there is the special limited McDonald’s “Hello Kitty Fairy Tales” Collector’s Kit containing all four “Hello Kitty Fairy Tales” characters (Ugly Duckling, Frog Prince, Cowardly Lion and Little Red Riding Hood).  The “Hello Kitty Fairy Tales” Collector’s Kit also includes a limited and exclusive Hello Kitty Wisdom Owl plush toy, a Special Edition Hello Kitty Story Book, Special Edition OZ Tasty Card and four McDonald’s food coupon (each worth HK$ 10).

Insider Tips: Besides these 6 figures, there will be a secret guest. So don’t forget to pay attention! There are four special-designed Hello Kitty Tasty Cards which can be purchased with HK$ 12. Don’t forget to take a look at www.followkitty.com for more cute pictures and details of the secret toy.

McDonald Hello Kitty Tasty Cards

McDonald Hello Kitty Tasty Cards

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