How to travel from Hong Kong Airport to downtown or your hotel is the first thing you may have to figure out upon arrival. which Hong Kong Airport Transportation can you use ? What is the best way to get from Hong Kong Airport to your hotel, city center or other areas? Which is the best, cheapest or fastest transportation to Kowloon or Hong Kong Island?

– What other Hong Kong Airport transportation options do you have besides taxis and buses?
– Is there an Airport pickup service available?
– Should you take the Airport shuttle bus or is it better to take the MTR Airport Express train to the city?
– Should you hire a private limousine / car service or take one of Hong Kong taxis?

Brief about Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA):
Hong Kong International Airport has won many times “Skytrax World’s Best Airport” awards. It’s highly efficient, well-organized as well as clear-signed. HKIA provides comprehensive Hong Kong Airport transportation network, connecting the airport to all the major areas of Hong Kong, even Macau, Shenzhen (China) and Guangzhou (China).

Various Hong Kong Airport Transportation Options
(From/to Hong Kong Airport)

There are plenty of transportation options available from Hong Kong Airport. I have included eight of them here. Which one is the best for you depending on what you expect: time, price, convenience, efficiency or other reasons (such as traveling group size). Don’t be panic. You can start with the following table for a quick idea about the differences among all the options. Some discounts are available from online ticketing.

Airport Express

Hong Kong Taxi

Private Transportation


Airport Transports

Air Bus

Hotel Limousine


Quick Comparison on Different Hong Kong Airport Transportation

Official Prices

Available Discounts

Pickup Service

Directly to Hotel

Airport Express

HK$ 115 / person
(one way)

HK$ 72 / person
(one way)


To selected hotels with free shuttle bus

Taxi (4-5 persons)

HK$ 270 – 390
(per ride)

(no discount)


Airport Bus

HK$ 33 – 48
(per person)

(no discount)



Hotel Coach

HK$ 140
(per person)

(per person)


To selected hotels

3-seater Tesla

from HK$ 650
(per vehicle)

from HK$ 370
(per vehicle)

6-seater Mini-Van

from HK$ 690
(per vehicle)

from HK$ 505
(per vehicle)

Hotel Limousine

Various from hotels

Various from hotels

5-seater Helicopter

from HK$ 22,500 / flight


To the Peninsula hotel and Wan Chai helipad

Let’s take a look of the different Hong Kong Airport Transportation with some insights.

Hong Kong MTR Airport Express

The fastest Hong Kong Airport transportation to downtown

Among all the Hong Kong Airport transportation, taking the Hong Kong MTR Airport Express train is one of the most convenient and economical ways from the airport to city. The railway system connects Hong Kong Airport with its vibrant downtown area and business hub (Central).

Hong Kong Airport transportation MTR Airport Express

Hong Kong MTR Airport Express

Within 24 minutes you are able to reach Hong Kong’s business center. No more worries about traffic conditions, rush hours or driving styles. MTR Airport Express train is one of the fastest options to get to the downtown city center, Kowloon as well as Hong Kong Island.

Route of Hong Kong Airport Express

Route of Hong Kong Airport Express

Benefit of Airport Express transportation

Airport Express will pass three stations :
1st station: Tsing Yi station (in New Territories district, 14 minutes from airport);
2nd station: Kowloon station (in Kowloon District, 22 minutes from airport);
3rd station: Hong Kong station (on Hong Kong Island, 24 minutes from airport);

The train system can be very easily navigated even if you are first-time visitor. If you are staying on the Kowloon side, then take the train to the Airport Express Kowloon Station. In case you are staying on Hong Kong Island, take the Airport Express train to the final Hong Kong Station in Central (Hong Kong Island).

It usually takes only 24 minutes from airport to the final station (“Hong Kong” station). No more worries about traffic jam or unexpected accident on the way.

The trains run daily from 5:54am to 0:48am leaving in 10 minutes intervals.

The Airport Express provides some additional benefits and services. Passengers can enjoy the free Wi-Fi service on board. Passengers can check important emails while taking the train.

Since the majority of hotels are located in Kowloon and Central, the Hong Kong Airport Express provides free shuttle buses service from the Kowloon and Hong Kong stations. These free airport shuttle buses will take you to the hotel and make it very easy and convenient no matter where you will be staying in Hong Kong. Passengers need to present valid Airport Express tickets.

Free Airport Shuttle Bus Service of MTR

Free Airport Shuttle Bus Service of MTR

Hong Kong has two In-Town Check-In Counters. One is at “Kowloon” station and another is at “Hong Kong” station. Passengers can check in 24 hours before departure in these two check-in counters instead of checking in the airport.

Price of Hong Kong Airport Express tickets and how to get discounted tickets?

Official Ticket prices

To/From Airport

Adult (Aged 12 or above)

Child (Aged 3-11)

Single Trip

Round Trip

Single Trip

Round Trip

Hong Kong

HK$ 115

HK$ 205

HK$ 57.5

HK$ 115


HK$ 105

HK$ 185

HK$ 52.5

HK$ 105

Tsing Yi

HK$ 70

HK$ 120

HK$ 35

HK$ 70

The adult single journey (one way) ticket is HK$ 115 to the “Hong Kong” station (in Central) and HK$ 105 to the “Kowloon” station. MTR launches special promotions and discounts for round trip tickets and children tickets from time to time (check our news and keep an eye on our updates).

Same-day Return Ticket Promotion:
The Same-Day Return ticket promotion is basically launched for the stop-over passengers. The round trip Same-Day return tickets cost only HK$ 115 (standard round trip ticket is HK$ 205).

You can purchase the Airport Express ticket in the airport and the different stations when you land in Hong Kong. You also can get tickets online from MTR website.

Available promotions on
Airport Express tickets and tourist travel pass

There are some promotions on the tickets and you can get some discount on the MTR Airport Express. You can enjoy up to 30% discount on Hong Kong MTR Airport Express Tickets from the following promotion links.

Airport Express & MTR Travel Pass: In case you are staying and visiting Hong Kong only for a few days, the Airport Express & MTR Travel Pass is a great option. This pass includes a one-way/round-trip journey with the Airport Express and 3 days unlimited travel on the MTR (Hong Kong’s subway system). No need to worry about ticket fares, tender the exact fare or exchange change. The Airport Express & MTR Travel Pass saves you money, time and stress.

Airport Express Ticket Discounts

Airport Express Tickets

Single Trip Ticket
To Kowloon :  HK$ 105  HK$ 66
To Hong Kong :  HK$ 115  HK$ 72

Round Trip Ticket
To Kowloon : HK$ 185  HK$ 117
To Hong Kong : HK$ 205  HK$ 129

Get Discounts Now

Airport Express & MTR Travel Pass

Airport Express & MTR Travel Pass

One way Airport Express + 3-day Pass for subway
HK$ 250  HK$ 241

Round trip Airport Express + 3-day Pass for subway
HK$ 350  HK$ 341

Get Discounts Now

Where to take Airport Express?

The “Airport” station of Airport Express is right opposite the arrival hall. You will easily find a large ticket counter and a big sign of Airport Express once you step out of the restricted areas.

For those who are planing to stay in W Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, taking the Airport Express is an excellent choice since these hotels are located almost in the same building of Airport Express stations. There is an extra article taking about Hong Kong Airport Express : how/where to take Airport Express, pricing, ticketing, promotions, whether it’s suitable for you where you can get more details.

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Classic Hong Kong Airport Transportation – Taxi

The classic way and economical way for group travelers

Taking a taxi from the Hong Kong Airport to your hotel on Kowloon or Hong Kong Island is the classic alternative. Especially after a long haul flight, it is easy, fast, convenient, flexible and reliable. However, taking a taxi in Hong Kong needs some knowledge since Hong Kong taxis are color-coded and serve specific regions and areas. Don’t worry or panic, it is actually quite simple. Below is some basic knowledge for you to navigate through Hong Kong’s taxi jungle:

Taxi with different colors are serving different regions:
The Red Taxis (Urban Taxi) : operate throughout Hong Kong (except Tung Chung Road and roads in South Lantau);
The Green Taxis : serve destinations in the New Territories;
The Blue Taxis : only operate on Lantau Island;
– All taxis serve the airport;

Be aware in which area your hotel is located before you wait in different taxi line. If you are staying on Hong Kong Island or Kowloon, red taxi is your only choice. If in doubt, ask and double confirm with the airport staff or taxi driver. It is always a good idea to print out your destination and hotel name in English as well as in Chinese to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Toyota Crown Comfort models : 3-5 passengers ;

It is the majority of Hong Kong’s taxis, which can also be seen on Japan streets. The taxis can accommodate 3- 4 passengers. There are also some versions, which can accommodate up to 5 persons.

Hong Kong Red Taxi

4-seat Red Taxi

Hong Kong Red Taxi

5-seat Red Taxi

In case you have bulky luggage, excess luggage or a wheelchair, look for one of the Ford Connect Transit Mini-Van taxis or opt to book one of the private limousine or Multi-Purpose Vans (MPV) below. Sometimes it’s not necessary to be more expensive.

Ford Connect Transit Mini-Van Red Taxi

Ford Connect Transit Mini-Van Green Taxi

Alternative Options:

The private limousine or Multi-Purpose Vans (MPV) are also a very good and competitive alternative, especially if your hotel destination is not located in the main tourist areas, such as the New Territories or the Kai Tak Cruise Ship Terminal.

How much is the taxi fare from the Hong Kong Airport

If your hotel or destination is located on the Kowloon side, you should roughly calculate around HK$ 250 – 310. Taxi fares are a little bit higher if you are staying on Hong Kong Island and are approx. around HK$ 320 – 390. Be aware that each piece of luggage or bag is charged with HK$ 6.

As a matter of fact, the taxi fee can sometimes be MORE EXPENSIVE than a private car service (Tesla Transfer or Mini-van Transfer) of which starting price at HK$ 370 per vehicle.

Here is a list of some rough taxi fare estimations for popular visitors’ destinations within Hong Kong. Don’t forget that price can fluctuate due to traffic conditions and rush hours.

To/From Hong Kong Island

To/From Kowloon


HK$ 370


HK$ 270


HK$ 320

Hung Hom

HK$ 270

Causeway Bay

HK$ 315

Mong Kok

HK$ 265

Western District

HK$ 360

Tsim Sha Tsui

HK$ 270

North Point

HK$ 340

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal

HK$ 310


HK$ 390

Yau Ma Tei

HK$ 265

The fares already include toll fees and charges for bridges and / or tunnels.

More estimation of different destinations is available at Hong Kong Taxis: how to take/pay taxis in Hong Kong.

Where to take taxi in the airport ?

In case you decide to use the taxi service, just follow the taxi sign or turn left and walk out of the arrival hall. You will see the long queue of taxis waiting for the passengers to get on. Different colors of taxis stand in separate lines.

Hong Kong Red Taxi

Red Taxi Waiting Line in the Airport

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Alternative Option to Taxi:
Private Transportation (Cars and Vans)

Economical Hong Kong Airport Transportation for Group Travel

The idea of taking a premium transportation provider such as a private Airport transfer service or private sedan car seems very luxury at first sight. However, choosing this kind of Hong Kong Airport pickup service does have several advantages and it is not as expensive as you might think (some can be cheaper than the taxi fees). There are plenty of companies offering this luxury experience at a very affordable price.

Benefits of Private Airport Car Service

No matter if your travel as an individual or in a group, hiring a private car or limousine service has plenty of advantages. Your personal driver will wait for you at the Arrival Hall (meet and greet service) and help you to handle your luggage and bags.

Especially, if you are first-time visitor, arriving at night or pressed for time, this service takes the burden away to navigate and orient in a new environment. Since the private limousine service is on a flat rate, you don’t need to worry about over-the-budget charge due to rush hours, traffic jams or detours and additional surcharges. All tips, tunnel and bridge tolls are included. Reserving a private pickup service with a limousine, Mini-Van or Multi-Purpose-Van (MPV) is another great option to travel from Hong Kong Airport to your hotel.

How much are Private Airport Transportation in Hong Kong?

1. 3-seater Tesla Pickup/Delivery Service
– Similar price to taxis without waiting in line

The one-way prices for the Private Airport Car Service start at around HK$ 370 per vehicle. SURPRISINGLY, it can be similar price compared to taxis. Taxi from Airport to Hong Kong Island costs around HK$ 320-390. A private car transfer (e.g. such as an TESLA Model S) can be booked online prior to your arrival and can accommodate up to 3 persons. Having said that, taking a private Hong Kong Airport limousine service is an ideal alternative to Hong Kong taxis.

Tesla Airport Service Discounts

Tesla Private Car Services

Service Hours: 6:00am-12:00am
Maximum 3 passengers

From airport :  HK$ 650  HK$ 387
To airport :  HK$ 600  HK$ 370

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Tesla Private Service Discounts

Tesla Private Car Services

Midnight Service: 12:00am-6:00am
Maximum 3 passengers

From airport :  HK$ 750  HK$ 487
To airport :  HK$ 700  HK$ 470

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2. 6-Seater Mini-Van or Multi-Purpose-Van (MPV)
– Best choice for large group or bulky luggages

The Private Hong Kong Airport Van transfer service is also your best choice if you travel with a larger group, have lots of luggage, sporting luggage (such as diving gear, Mountain- or road bikes, surfboards, etc.), travel with infants and babies including baby cart or have special needs such as mobility issues and/or travel with a wheelchair.

The Mini-Van Airport transfer is especially an attractive option if you travel with a group of up to 6 people. It offers the best deal: hassle-free, easy, efficient and cost effective. You can sit back, relax and don’t need to worry about how to get to your hotel. The driver will take you to your destination safely, comfortably and reliable.

Prices for the Hong Kong airport van service start at HK$ 482 per vehicle. The private mini-van transfer (e.g. such as an Toyota Alphard MPV) can be booked online prior to your arrival and can accommodate up to 6 persons.

Considering with 6 persons in your group that you will two taxis, the mini-van service is not only more convenient but also cheaper option.

Mini-Van Airport Service Discounts

Mini-Van Airport Transfers

Service Hours: 6:00am-12:00am
Maximum 6 passengers

From airport :  HK$ 690  HK$ 505
To airport :  HK$ 600  HK$ 482

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Mini-Van Airport Service Discounts

Mini-Van Airport Transfer Services

Midnight Service: 12:00am-6:00am
Maximum 6 passengers

From airport :  HK$ 790  HK$ 605
To airport :  HK$ 700  HK$ 582

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Airport Shuttle Bus / Hotel Coach Service

Good Choice for Single Travelers

The Hong Kong Airport Shuttle Buses are a good alternative to the taxi or Airport Express trains, especially for single travelers. These Airport Shuttle Buses are also known as Hotel Coaches. If you are traveling on a budget, have heavy luggage and love a comfortable, hassle-free and seamless door-to-door transfer from the airport to your hotel, then you can consider this option.

Hong Kong Airport Transportation - Vigor Hotel Shuttle Bus

Vigor Hotel Shuttle Bus

The Airport Shuttle Buses depart every 30 minutes from the Airport to the hotels. They operate from 07:00am to 11:00pm and service more than 100 major hotels (Check whether the shuttle service covers your hotel)

How much are the Airport Shuttle Bus Tickets?

From the Airport to hotels on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, the one-way tickets for the Airport Shuttle Bus are priced at HK$ 140.

Where to buy the Airport Shuttle Bus Tickets ? Any Discount ?

Tickets can be purchased at the Counter B01 (Terminal 1) at the Arrival Hall of the Hong Kong Airport.

However, if you would like to save some time and money, you can also purchase online in advance. Simply follow the link to enjoy up around 20% discount for the Airport Shuttle Bus and Hotel Coach tickets:

Shuttle Bus Ticket Discounts

Departure/Arrive from Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories

HK$ 140  HK$ 114

Check Out Discounts

Where to take hotel shuttle bus or coach ?

The boarding area for the Shuttle Buses is located at the Coach Station in Terminal 2. If you arrive in Terminal 1, you will need to walk about 10 minutes to shuttle bus waiting area.

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Hong Kong Airport Buses

The Budget Hong Kong Airport Transportation

Hong Kong’s Airport Buses, which are sometimes also referred to as AirBus, are the cheapest mode of Hong Kong Airport Transportation between the airport and downtown area. This option is not only for backpackers and people traveling on a shoestring. Especially if you are traveling on a tight budget or would like to save as much money as possible, or if you don’t mind to make an additional journey on public transportation after a long haul flight, this is the option to go.

There are two companies operating air buses : Citybus and Long Win. All the airbuses are fully air-conditioned double-decker CityFlyer buses with luggage areas. Most of the buses are nowadays equipped with free Wi-Fi.

Hong Kong Airport Transportation - Cityflyer and Long Win Airport Bus

Long Win bus (left) and Citybus (right)

Inside Airport Bus

Spacious with luggage racks inside

Possible disadvantages: However, keep in mind that these buses are public buses, serving not only hotels, but also the residential areas of locals. It can get very crowded and it may not pass right in front of your hotel. In addition, the commute to the city center will take much longer due to the many stops and drop off points. Before boarding one of the public Airport CityFlyer Buses, make sure to know where your hotel is located and where to get off. The easiest way is to check out the hotel websites about the transportation to hotel and figure out what options you have to get to the specific hotels.

How much are the Airport Bus Tickets?

One-way tickets for the public transportation are around HK$ 40 – 50. Below is a short overview of the most popular routes from the Hong Kong Airport:


Ap Lei Chau

HK$ 48


North Point Ferry Pier

HK$ 40


Siu Sai Wan

HK$ 45


Hung Hom Station

HK$ 33


Hung Hom Station

HK$ 33


Lam Tin Station

HK$ 39


Tseung Kwan O

HK$ 42

You can get more details of routes and station names from Long Win Bus and Citybus official websites and check out whether it will pass your hotel.

Where to buy the Airport Bus Tickets?

You can pay the Airport bus fare directly at the bus driver either by cash or with your Octopus Card (read our related article for more information about the Octopus Card.)

However, please note that Hong Kong public bus transportation system will only accept the exact fare. The bus driver will not change money or provide this service.

Where to take Airport Bus ?

Similar to the taxi stand, just turn right when you step out of Arrival Hall and get to the bus terminals right outside the arrival hall.

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Luxury Options of Hong Kong Airport Transportation

Helicopter, Limousine, Rolls Royce, Bentley

Hotel Limousine Pickup Services

The majority of 5-Star hotels (Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Peninsula, Shangri-La, Mandarin Oriental, etc.) offer special private pickup services with a luxury limousine such as a Rolls Royce Phantoms, Bentley, Mercedes S Class or TESLA Model S from the Hong Kong’s International Airport and of course on the day of your departure as well.

Being collected at the Hong Kong Airport by your own personal chauffeur can be one highlights of your stay. The Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel offers the one-way pickup service with their special designed Rolls Royce Extended Wheelbase Phantoms at a starting price of HK$ 1600 for single ride and HK$ 2900 for round trip.

Peninsula Rolls Royce Pickup Service

Peninsula Rolls Royce Pickup Service

The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong charges for its pickup service with a Rolls Royce HK$ 2500 per trip. Four Seasons Hong Kong charges HK$ 2500 per vehicle for a Bentley Continental Flying Spur pickup service. In case you stay in the Shangri-la Hong Kong Island, you can opt to be picked up with a Rolls-Royce Phantom for HK2000 per vehicle.

Shangri-La Rolls Royce Pickup Service

Island Shangri-La Rolls Royce Pickup Service

Helicopter Service

If the above-mentioned options are too ordinary, how about taking a helicopter from the Hong Kong Airport to the downtown area? So cool, isn’t it? Taking a helicopter is definitely most luxurious Hong Kong Airport Transportation to get to downtown.

There are two helipads. One is located on the roof of The Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel. The other heliport is located at Wan Chai next to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Heliservice Airport Pickup

Peninsula Helicopter Service
(Photo Source: Heliservice Limited)

The helicopter offers 5 VIP seats with luxury interiors. The one-way flight from the Hong Kong International Airport to The Peninsula Hong Kong is priced at HK$ 22,500. One-way trip from the Hong Kong International Airport to the city-center is priced at HK$ 23,700.

box-info2 Do You Know

Airport Express, Taxi or Private Car/Van ?

There are several hotels located very close to Airport Express stations (sometimes is in the same building). If you plan to stay with one of these, then taking Airport Express train is very convenient for you.

If you travel with a group of 2-3 persons, you will end up with HK$ 250-380 on transportation. There are not much difference on prices when comparing these three transportations. You only need to decide which travel means you prefer more.

If your travel group consists more than 3 persons and you will stay in downtown more than one day, then the Airport Express will be more expensive than taxis and private limousine / van services.

The taxis in Hong Kong can accommodate maximum 5 passengers. Thus if you travel more than 5 persons, you will need to grab more than one taxi or better option – book a private mini-van service.