From June 20 to July 28, 2013 the annual Chinese Opera Festival will take place in Hong Kong again. The Chinese Opera Festival has been quite popular not only among locals, but also among foreign visitors due to its great opportunities to learn more about this cultural art form in a variety of additional activities.

The 2013 edition of the Chinese Opera Festival will showcase 10 delightful programs related with the Chinese Opera. Chinese Opera lovers will be excited to hear that this year’s Chinese Opera Festival will open with a new Cantonese Opera called “The Battle at Wancheng”. As you already can guess from the opening performance, this year’s festival will highlight the acting and martial arts style found in Chinese Opera.

Hong Kong Chinese Opera Festival 2013

Hong Kong Chinese Opera Festival 2013
(Note: Picture Source: Hong Kong LCSD)

What can you enjoy at the Chinese Opera Festival 2013?

This year’s festival event will bring top actors, artists and singers to Hong Kong including top stars from the Tianjin Peking Opera, Shanghai Kunqu Opera, Zhejiang Wu Opera Research Centre, Shijiazhuang Sixian Opera Troupe of Hebei, Jiangsu Kunqu Opera, Xiang Opera Theatre of Hunan and the Xinchang Diaoqing Troupe of Zhejiang. Performers include military male (“wusheng”) role actors Wang Ping, Zhang Youlin and Deng Muwei.

Aside from the New Cantonese Opera “The Battle at Wancheng”, visitors can enjoy classic performances and stories such as “Crossing the Ravine”, “The Incident of Lianhua Mountain”, “Zhong Kui Marrying His Younger Sister Off” (Tianjin Peking Opera), “Dingjun Mountain, Yangping Pass”, “The Roc with the Golden Wings” and “Borrowing the Iron Fan” (from the Journey to the West).

In addition, visitors can enjoy a variety of additional activities and special designed programs around the Chinese Opera including guided talks, forum discussions (e.g. on the “Art of the Military Male Role in Peking Opera”), special talks ( e.g. on the “Art of Kunqu Opera”, “Kunqu Opera” and “Appreciation of Peking Opera”), Chinese Opera Film screenings, symposiums, exhibitions as well as special talks given by the artists and performers.

Where to get the tickets?

Tickets can be purchased directly at the venue or online through URBTIX ( Ticket prices vary depending on the day, show and venue. We highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance if you would like to enjoy one of the traditional Chinese Operas. In the past years, tickets sold out very fast due to the popularity of this special event.

Insider Tip: Special discounts up to 50% are available for full-time students, seniors aged 60 and above and people with disabilities.

In addition, there are special “Chinese Opera Festival 2013” Packet Discounts available. Discounts will be given to those who purchase standard tickets of more than one performance at a time:

10% discount for purchase of any 3-4 different performances;
15% discount for purchase of any 3-4 different performances;
20% discount for purchase of any 3-4 different performances;

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