From February 1st to February 24th, 2013, Hong Kong Disneyland will celebrate the arrival of the “Year of the Snake” with their “A Golden Chinese New Year celebration”.

Join your beloved Disney characters to celebrate the “Year of the Snake”. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other famous Disney characters will dress up in traditional Chinese New Year costumes. Make sure to catch them and take a unique Chinese New Year photo with them.

Hong Kong Disneyland “A Golden Chinese New Year Celebration”

Hong Kong Disneyland “A Golden Chinese New Year Celebration”
(Picture Source: Hong Kong Disneyland)

Similar to Christmas in western world, Chinese New Year is a typical occasion that the complete family gathers. In order to share and spread good fortune, times and fun, Hong Kong Disneyland designed special festive Chinese menus and buffets throughout their theme park.

In addition, Hong Kong Disneyland launched a set of uniquely designed and limited edition gifts that are only available at the Hong Kong Disneyland Park. Among them are special designed candy and cookie boxes, special Mickey Mouse designed fortune-telling sticks, Daisy Lai See Red Packets and a limited edition Hong Kong Disneyland “Year of the Snake” watch.

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