1st of July 2012, Hong Kong will have an impressive Fireworks show in order to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR).

Hong Kong Firework

Hong Kong Firework

1st of July 1997, Hong Kong officially ended her colony territory under British Empire and handed over back the China. In 1997, on 5th Anniversary and 10th Anniversary there were spectacular Fireworks show in Hong Kong to celebrate this special day. This year is the 15th year of Hong Kong’s return and undoubtedly there will be the splendid fireworks celebration over Victoria Harbour again.

The Fireworks show will start at 8:00pm on 1st of July and last for 23 minutes. As always, the fireworks will be discharged from barges moored in Central Victoria Harbour off Wan Chai. You can check our article “Hong Kong Fireworks Show” to find our the best locations and hotels to enjoy the fireworks show.

Since it’s the special 15th Anniversary, besides Fireworks show, there are other arrangements to celebrate.

Flag Raising Ceremony on Golden Bauhinia Square

Actually the Flag Raising Ceremony is performed daily 7:50am – 8:03am. However, on 1st of July from 7:45am to 8:13 am the ceremony will invite the National leaders, the Chief Executive and Government Officials of Hong Kong Government. Please be aware to be there at least 15 min in advance to get a good watching spot.

During the Flag Raising Ceremony, there will be Government Helicopter Team flying over Victoria Harbour with the flag of Hong Kong.

For more information of flag raising, please refer to our article “the Flag raising ceremony at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center”.

Flag Raising Ceremony on Golden Bauhinia Square, Hong Kong

Flag Raising Ceremony on Golden Bauhinia Square, Hong Kong

Stamp Sheetlet for the 15th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong SAR

Stamp Sheetlet of the 15th Anniversary of Hong Kong

Stamp Sheetlet of 15th Anniversary of Hong Kong

(Note: Picture Source: Hong Kong Post)

Hong Kong Post will issue the stamp sheetlet to celebrate the establishment of Hong Kong S.A.R. The Bauhinia flower is used as a background. It’s not a bad souvenir for your trip in Hong Kong. If you like it too, you can try to get one on 1st of July from all the Hong Kong post offices. You will also have a chance to get a special day cover with a designed seal on it.

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