The rumor has been spread for quite a while that on the 9th of September 2014 Apple’s CEO Tim Cook will hold the most anticipated Keynote event of this year and announce the iPhone 6 official launch and probably other Apple related items such as the iTime watch.

iPhone 6 Official Launch

iPhone 6 (Photo from internet)

Hong Kong is crazy for iPhone 6 Official Launch

You cannot image how crazy Hong Kong people are for technology (or call it following the fad), especially Apple products. Hong Kong has been the first launch countries and regions since iPhone 3s. Be it iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Retina or iPad Mini, each time people queued up days in advance to get their hands on the latest Apple products (where else not?).

Besides, all the parallel good traders of Apple products hired people to stand in line and cleared the storage of each Apple authorised sellers in Hong Kong before the local Apple fans could get one (Check out “iPhone 4 and iPad 2 Finally launch in Hong Kong” and “The New iPad Launch in Hong Kong“).

People lining up for the new iPad

People lining up for the new iPad

Since Hong Kong’s Apple products are always the cheapest in the world (same with the prices in America), more and more Mainland Chinese came to Hong Kong and tried to resell back to China with profit of thousands of Hong Kong dollars.

From iPhone 4s, Apple started to implement a lottery-like system to prevent and fighting the practices of the scalpers. Customers need an official HK-ID to register online in a strict three hour window. Winners will be notified by email before 9:00pm at the same day and have to pick up the iPhone in person with the ID at the next day (Check out How to Order iPhone 5s Step By Step).

iPhone 5 online Lottery in Hong Kong

iPhone 5 online Lottery in Hong Kong

Since Steve Jobs passed away, the enthusiasm of Hong Kong people towards iPhone cooled down. People started to prefer large screen smartphones such as Samsung Note/Galaxy and Sony and Samsung’s market share of smartphone were increased tremendously.

Maybe it is also the reason that Apple gonna release iPhone 6 with 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen, trying to get the customers from Samsung.

How to Get A iPhone 6 in Hong Kong ?

Although Apple hasn’t announced the strategy of selling after iPhone 6 official launch in Hong Kong yet, there is high chance that they will continue using the on-line lottery in the first two or three months in Hong Kong.

The rumours are saying that the parallel traders get more innovative ideas to fight Apple’s lottery policies and offered new incentives for the lucky Apple iPhone 6 lottery winner.

The profit is not limited only to those who has money to join and purchase iPhone anymore. Several scalpers offer to purchase the quota whoever win the lottery. If you are a student or anyone who cannot afford to pay iPhone 6, they will send an employee to meet you in the Apple stores and directly pay the iPhone 6 as well as pay you the price difference.

In addition, anyone who can introduce the lottery winner to the scalpers will also receive HK$ 350 in cash as referrer commission (In the past, parallel import traders marked-up their prices on average by HK$ 3,000 – 4000).

We will keep updating the news about iPhone 6 in Hong Kong. Keep tuned !

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