If you love fireworks, then this event is for you. Next month, Hong Kong will have another great celebration, the 2017 Hong Kong National Day Fireworks Display. It is one of the highlight events in Hong Kong and everyone is looking forward to this special day.

As I always tell people, Hong Kong has one of the best fireworks display in the world. Not only because it has Victoria Harbour’s stunning night view as backdrop, but also you can enjoy the fireworks in a very close vicinity and feel the fireworks bursting right over your head with a bang. If you have a chance, you definitely shouldn’t miss it. Have you secured a good spot for watching this massive fireworks show?

Why is there the 2017 Hong Kong National Day Fireworks Display?

The 1st of October is the day for Chinese to celebrate the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Since the handover in 1997, the 1st of October becomes a public holiday in Hong Kong. Every year, Hong Kong celebrates this day with a wide variety of activities, such as fireworks display, special flag raising ceremony as well as a special horse-racing event. The China’s National Day fireworks display turns to be a Hong Kong tradition and naturally it is also the best of all events.

This tradition was so far only canceled twice in recent years. One was in 2013 as a mark of respect for the victims of the tragic ferry crash (where 39 people lost their lives when two boats collided during fireworks show). Another cancelation was in 2014 due to “Occupancy Central” Protest.

2017 Hong Kong National Day Fireworks

Fireworks Show in Hong Kong

2017 Hong Kong National Day Fireworks

Watch fireworks display from Hong Kong Island

2017 Hong Kong National Day Fireworks

Fireworks Show in Hong Kong

When and where is 2017 Hong Kong National Day Fireworks?

This year’s firework display will take place on October 1st, 2017 (Sunday). Sharp on 9:00pm, over thirty-thousand pyrotechnic shells will be fired in the night sky from 4 barges on Victoria Harbour. These barges are all in the middle of Victoria Harbour in front of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. So, basically you can enjoy the dazzling action from both sides of Victoria Harbour. The complete firework show will last around 23 minutes.

2017 Hong Kong National Day Fireworks

Fireworks Shooting from Barges

What to expect from fireworks display – Scenes and Special Designs

Till this moment, Hong Kong Officials haven’t disclosed any details of the routine of the 2017 Hong Kong National Day Fireworks yet. However, according to our previous experiences, the National Day Fireworks Celebration consisted of different scenes. In addition, there usually will be special designed fireworks. This included Chinese characters for China, October 1st, national symbols such as flowers and other auspicious fortune bringing symbols. Hong Kong Government spent each time millions of dollars for this big event.

2017 Hong Kong National Day Fireworks

Fireworks Show in Hong Kong

Where are the best vantage points to watch National Day Fireworks?

You might wonder where to go to watch fireworks in Hong Kong? Or where is the best place to enjoy the stunning show? No matter you decide to join thousands of spectators along the waterfront of Victoria Harbour, hop on one of the many fireworks cruises, or simply enjoy dinner in one of the hottest restaurants or bars, you should secure a best place ASAP. I have written a detailed review about the best options and ways for watching Hong Kong fireworks. You can find out the full compiled list from “Where Are the Best Places to Enjoy Hong Kong Fireworks Show”.

Along Victoria Harbour Harbourfront (close distance)

Since the fireworks will always be launched from four barges on Victoria Harbour, the best vantage points to enjoy the 2017 Hong Kong National Day Fireworks Celebration are along Victoria Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), Central, Wan Chai and of course on the water.

Best spots from Kowloon side

1. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade (top option)
2. Waiting concourse of Star Ferry’s Harbour Tour
3. Tsim Sha Tsui The Garden of Stars
4. Hung Hom Bypass
5. West Kowloon waterfront promenade

Best spots from Hong Kong Island side

1. Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai (top option)
2. Tamar Park in Admiralty (top option)
3. Central Ferry Piers No.9 & No.10
4. Central harbourfront
5. Hong Kong Observation Wheel (closed)
6. Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter

Other hot spots for viewing Hong Kong fireworks

1. The Victoria Peak and Peak Tower
2. sky100 Obseravtion Deck
3. Rooftop bars

Check out how to get to each top spots of watching fireworks.

Hot spots like Golden Bauhinia Square, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Star Ferry Piers, Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, Tamar Park, Central waterfront will be filled up very quickly and are always very crowded. Bars and restaurants with top views, such as Ozone Bar, Aqua Bar, Sevva Bar etc, will be booked out very fast.

From harbour-view hotels rooms, bars and restaurants

In case you would like to enjoy the fireworks from the convenience of your hotel room or while enjoying dinner or glass of wine, beer or cocktail, then the hotels are very good alternatives. There are plenty of hotels along both sides of Victoria Harbour with great harbour views, from where you are able to enjoy the fireworks. Check out the best 17 hotels providing Victoria Harbour views (ranked according to distance from fireworks center).

Besides hotel rooms, don’t forget the bars and restaurants that also provide giant windows and clear vision of Victoria Harbour.

2017 Hong Kong National Day Fireworks Cruises

Looking to enjoy the Hong Kong fireworks in the most memorable way? How about celebrating this special anniversary aboard a cruise ship or one of Hong Kong’s iconic traditional Junk boats? Sailing to the middle of Victoria Harbour and feel the stunning scenery in the closest distance. Nothing beats these views and there is no better vantage point to enjoy the spectacular fireworks.

Duk Ling Harbour Tour

Duk Ling Night Harbour Tour

This year, there are also several harbour tour operators offering the National Day Fireworks Cruises, such as Bauhinia National Day Fireworks Display 2017 – Dinner Cruise (with Dinner buffet), the 2017 Aqua Luna National Day Fireworks Tour, or the 2017 DUK LING National Day Fireworks Tour. Check out the related article about the different Victoria Harbour Cruises and their possible discounts as well as available offers for 2017 National Day fireworks harbour tours.

box-info2 Do You Know
  • “Whatever you decide, keep in mind that it will be extremely crowded. That is not only due to Hong Kong’s public holiday, but also that Mainland China are enjoying their “7-day Golden Week” holidays. Hence, it is wise to plan ahead. Make sure to arrive early. Some of people try to get their prime location already around noon time.”

  • “Maybe you would like to enjoy the fireworks from a restaurant, hotel or on a boat in the middle of Victoria Harbour. Then make sure and book your arrangements as early as possible.”

  • “If you watch the fireworks far away from Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront promenade, you still can enjoy the musical program by tuning in your radio or cellphone to FM 97.6 – 98.9.”

  • “Special traffic arrangements are in effect before and after the Hong Kong National Day Firework show. This includes closure (!) of roads and MTR Exits. Be prepared for a very large crowd. We highly recommend to plan your arrival way ahead of the schedule fireworks time.”

  • “You will find many photographers with tripods waiting along Victoria Harbour. If you want to find a spot for photo shooting along Victoria Harbour be sure to be there before 5:00pm.”

box-info2 General Info and Details

schedule October 1st, 2017
clock  9:00pm (the firework show will last 23 minutes)
map Along Victoria Harbour
Price Free Admission

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