The year 2017 is coming almost to an end. The Christmas holidays and festive season are almost over. Hence, Hong Kong is preparing for the next big event: New Year’s Eve and welcoming the year 2018. Maybe you are wondering where are the best places to celebrate New Year in Hong Kong. Where are Hong Kong’s best New Year’s Eve parties and clubs to ring in the New Year? Where are the best places to enjoy Hong Kong’s fireworks countdown 2018? And are there other memorable activities you should not miss? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Hong Kong 2018 New Year’s Eve Fireworks and Countdown Celebrations (sponsored by CTS)

One of the highlights of the Hong Kong New Year’s Eve is to celebrate, countdown and enjoy the impressive fireworks show. Whole Hong Kong anticipates the New Year and counts down the minutes to welcome 2018. Furthermore, the countdown celebrations as well as the New Year’s firework show are a highlight and reason for many international visitors. So, are you ready to join the locals when a spectacular fireworks show will light up Hong Kong’s sky on New Year’s Eve?

New Year's Eve Fireworks in Hong Kong

New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Hong Kong

This year’s New Year’Eve celebration is divided into three parts: warm-up Deco-Sphere’ performance, “Wish Upon a Star” as past years and the last one is the official New Year’s Eve Countdown and Fireworks show.

1. Warm-up event: Strange Fruit Deco-Sphere Performance (10:00pm)

Warm-up with the crowds and watch the Deco-Sphere Performance near the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Terminal. Hong Kong invited the famous award-winning Australian performing arts group to join the New Year celebrations. The artists will perform their Deco-Sphere performance. Expect a unique fusion of dance, circus and theatre performance taking place on gigantic orbs on five-meter high poles. The performances will start around 10:00pm.

2. Wish Upon a Star (11:00pm – 00:00am)

In Hong Kong, the Countdown Celebration starts already a little bit earlier. Small fireworks will be shot to the sky in 15 minutes intervals. This small firework show is part of the New Year’s Eve countdown celebration and called “Wish Upon on Star”. From 11:00pm onwards, special designed fireworks will illuminate the sky every 15 minutes. This year, the shooting star fireworks have four different colours. They are launched from some of Hong Kong’s most iconic skyscrapers. This includes the Cheung Kong Centre, CITIC Tower, Harbour Centre, Hartcourt House, HSBC Headquarters Building, Queensway Government Offices and Revenue Tower. Each of the wishing stars fireworks and color will represent one specific good wish for the New Year such as career, health, wealth, fortune or love. Make sure to look up in the sky. If you spot the special stars, make sure to make a wish for 2018!

3. New Year’s Eve Fireworks (the 1st of January 2018 00:00am)

The New Year’s Eve Fireworks Countdown Celebration starts right at midnight. This year’s New Year’s Eve fireworks will be the biggest, longest and most glamourous New Year firework show in Hong Kong ever. Not only the fireworks will be shot from landside, Victoria Harbour and surrounding rooftops and cover 35% more area than the years before, but also the duration will extend to 10 minutes (instead of 8 minutes). Furthermore, an award-winning European fireworks maker designed this year’s show with musical soundtrack provided by a local composer. Special designed fireworks will illuminate Hong Kong’s sky and will look like magical fairies stardust. Other fireworks include smiley faces and hearts.

The focal point of the fireworks is around Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). In addition, the Convention Center is equipped with a large LED billboard. Once the night falls and midnight approaches you can read words “2018” and New Year greetings in multiple languages.

box-info2 General Info and Details

schedule  December 31st, 2017
clock  Deco-Sphere Performance 10:00pm
clock  Shooting stars: 11:00pm, 11:15pm, 11:30pm and 11:45pm
clock  Fireworks: Midnight
map  Victoria Harbour
Price Free Admission

Where are the best vantage points to watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks?

You might wonder where to go to watch fireworks in Hong Kong? Or where is the best place to enjoy the stunning show? No matter you decide to join thousands of spectators along the waterfront of Victoria Harbour, hop on one of the many fireworks cruises, or simply enjoy dinner in one of the hottest restaurants or bars, you should secure a best place ASAP. I have written a detailed review about the best options and ways for watching Hong Kong fireworks. You can find out the full compiled list from “Where Are the Best Places to Enjoy Hong Kong Fireworks Show”.

Along Victoria Harbour Harbourfront (close distance)

Since the fireworks will always be launched from four barges on Victoria Harbour, the best vantage points to enjoy the Hong Kong 2018 New Year’s Eve Fireworks Celebration are along Victoria Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), Central, Wan Chai and of course on the water.

Best spots from Kowloon side

1. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade (top option)
2. Waiting concourse of Star Ferry’s Harbour Tour
3. Tsim Sha Tsui The Garden of Stars
4. Hung Hom Bypass
5. West Kowloon waterfront promenade

Best spots from Hong Kong Island side

1. Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai (top option)
2. Tamar Park in Admiralty (top option)
3. Central Ferry Piers No.9 & No.10
4. Central harbourfront
5. Hong Kong Observation Wheel (closed)
6. Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter

Other hot spots for viewing Hong Kong fireworks

1. The Victoria Peak and Peak Tower
2. sky100 Obseravtion Deck
3. Rooftop bars

Check out how to get to each top spots of watching fireworks.

Hot spots like Golden Bauhinia Square, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Star Ferry Piers, Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, Tamar Park, Central waterfront will be filled up very quickly and are always very crowded. Bars and restaurants with top views, such as Ozone Bar, Aqua Bar, Sevva Bar etc, will be booked out very fast.

From harbour-view hotels rooms, bars and restaurants

In case you would like to enjoy the fireworks from the convenience of your hotel room or while enjoying dinner or glass of wine, beer or cocktail, then the hotels are very good alternatives. There are plenty of hotels along both sides of Victoria Harbour with great harbour views, from where you are able to enjoy the fireworks. Check out the best 17 hotels providing Victoria Harbour views (ranked according to distance from fireworks center).

Besides hotel rooms, don’t forget the bars and restaurants that also provide giant windows and clear vision of Victoria Harbour.

Watching from Hong Kong 2018 New Year’s Eve Cruise

Looking for a unique way to celebrate the arrival of the New Year in Hong Kong? Then keep on reading. One of the most memorable ways to enjoy Hong Kong is to take one of the cruise ships. Na matter if you decide to hop on a traditional junk boat or one of the modern dinner cruises, nothing beats a cruise on Victoria Harbour with the spectacular skyline of Hong Kong as a backdrop. The icing on the cake is to take one of the New Year’s Eve Cruises. You can enjoy the illuminated skyscrapers plus be right at the heart of the spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks show. You can rest assured that this experience will last a life-time.

This year, there are also several harbour tour operators offering the New Year’s Eve Fireworks Cruises. Check out the related article about the different Victoria Harbour Cruises and their possible discounts as well as available offers for 2018 New Year’s Eve fireworks harbour tours.

Duk Ling Harbour Tour

Duk Ling Night Harbour Tour

Other Options for Celebrating 2018 New Year’s Eve

Hong Kong New Year’s Eve Party

If you are looking for THE New Year’s Eve countdown event then head to Times Square in Causeway Bay. Similar to New Year, the crowd is waiting that the clock hits midnight. It is one of the focal party events with live music and entertainment. If you want to cheer with the crowds and welcome 2018, then this is the place to be. However, be prepared to plan ahead of time and arrive early. Causeway Bay is already crowded on a normal business day. Hence, you can imagine that Times Square and its surrounding will be super packed during the midnight hours.

Another hot spot to welcome 2018 is Lan Kwai Fong (LKF). It’s arguable one of the best party zones on Hong Kong Island. There are literally hundreds of pubs, clubs and restaurants you can choose from. Usually, the party spills on the streets and many would argue that the New Year’s Eve parties in LKF are not only epic, but also legendary. Keep in mind that it will be super crowded.

Maybe you are looking for something more stylish and fancier? Hong Kong has several top-notch bars, plenty of luxury hotels and restaurants to celebrate the turn of the year. However, seats fill up quickly. So, act fast if you would like to join one of the luxury New Year’s Eve dinner buffets or get a window seat to enjoy the fireworks from one of the hottest bars in town. Therefore, check out our related article where the Hong Kong’s best bars with spectacular views over Victoria Harbour are located.

New Year’s Eve Countdown Fireworks Party at sky100

Looking for a special way to welcome 2018? Then the New Year’s Eve Countdown Firework at the sky100 Observation Deck might be something for you. You can enjoy the magical fireworks from the highest indoor deck in Hong Kong. The package includes one Night Admission ticket and one drink and sets you back HK$ 428. Quantities are limited. So, act fast if you would like to enjoy fireworks from high above.

Additional Ideas to spend New Year’s Eve with Family and kids

Maybe you travel with family and kids. Then you might want to take a closer look at the following activities to spend the last hours of 2017 in fun:

The AIA Great European Carnival

The AIA Great European Carnival is back in town. Is there are better way to get the whole family involved and stay up until midnight then a combination of carnival, festival and amusement park? You can expect fun rides, games, plenty of food, entertainment shows and music acts. The event is open from 11:00am to 11:00pm on December 31, 2017. Once the carnival closes, you can get ready for the spectacular fireworks show.

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