In order to celebrate the festive season 2013, Hong Kong’s sky100 Observation Deck launches a special Christmas promotion. There are some special for everyone. No matter if you are oversea visitor or local resident. The sky100 Christmas Promotion 2013 has something to offer for everyone.

What can you expect from the sky100 Christmas Promotion 2013?

The highlight of this promotion is the “Same Day Unlimited Entry” ticket. Purchasing this ticket allows you to enjoy unlimited access to the sky100 Observation Deck on the same day. So, how much are these “Same Day Unlimited Entry” tickets? Adult tickets are priced HK$ 168 while children (aged 3-11) and senior (aged 65 or above) tickets are available for HK$ 118. Where can you buy these promotion tickets? Tickets can be purchased at the 1/F of the ticket counter of the sky100 Observation deck. The Christmas promotion period starts from December 12, 2013 to January 2, 2014.

sky100 Christmas Promotion 2013

sky100 Observation Deck 2013 Christmas Promotion
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Additional offers during the sky100 Christmas Promotion 2013

The sky100 Observation Deck has also a special Christmas Promotion for Hong Kong residents with a valid HKID. This promotion ticket is called “The Double-Entry”. The “Double-Entry” allows you to visit the sky100 Observation Deck twice during the Christmas Promotion period (December 12, 2013 to January 30, 2014). Prices for the “Double-Entry” tickets are HK$ 168 for adults and HK$ 118 for seniors and children (Aged 3-11), respectively. Hong Kong’s student can enjoy and additional 20% discount for the “Double-Entry” ticket.

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