Taking a taxi in Hong Kong will get more expensive from July 10th, 2011 onwards. Fares for taking a taxi will increase by HK$ 2 per journey. In addition, the flagfall (minimum fare for the first 2km of a journey) is revised as well. The new and revised flagfall for the red taxis (urban taxi) raise from HK$18 to HK$ 20. If you take one of the green taxis of the New Territories a journey will start from HK$ 16.5 instead of HK$ 14.5 and for the blue taxis on Lantau Island from HK$ 15.

After 16 months fare adjustment, because of inflation and the increase of petrol price, the taxi drivers applied for the price adjustment again. Within two years, the flagfall fare has increased 33%. It is said that this time the fare raise will affect the inflation 0.02%.


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