After 10 months of fierce competitions the 2011/2012 horse racing season comes finally to an end on July 15th, 2012. Horse racing fans already highlighted this special day in their calendars and hearts. In case you are visiting Hong Kong you should not miss the opportunity to join one of the most important horse racing events in Hong Kong. Join thousands of horse racing fans and celebrate the special moments of the last horse races of the seasons. The Hong Kong Jockey Club also arranged a special side program with entertainers, singers, award ceremonies as well as the Jockey Parade.

Season Finale 2012 Jockey Parade

Season Finale 2012 Jockey Parade

Aside from the horse races another highlight is the announcement of this year’s “Champion Awards Winners”. Horse racing fans have been long anticipating this special presentation where Champion Trainer, Champion Horse and Champion Jockey will be announced and celebrated. Expect the crowd to get crazy and cheer their lungs out. Similar to the Hall of Fame the “Champion Awards Winners” is one of the highest honors a trainer, horse or jockey could get in horse racing and you should not miss this ceremony.

Season Finale 2012 Parade with Cheerleaders and Dancers

Season Finale 2012 Parade with Cheerleaders and Dancers

The “Season Finale Parade on turf” will be held shortly after the “Champion Awards Winners” ceremony. The “Season Finale Parade on turf” or also known as the Jockey’s Parade is one of the most popular events among the horse racing fans. All jockeys will traditionally jump over the starting gate, circle the turf and thank their fans for their continuous support. Usually, the jockeys pass out gifts to the fans. Make sure to get a stand in the first rows to get one of the special gifts of the seasons. The “Season Finale Parade on turf” will be joined by dancers and cheerleaders with colorful horse racing inspired outfits.
During the hot and humid summer months horse races are suspended. The first horse races of the new season 2012/2013 will start in September.

Last but not least, we would like to point out that horse racing fans will get a free “Season Finale” gift on admission to the racecourse. The stylish “Season Finale Souvenir Pen” will be given out before Race 6 while supply last.

Season Finale 2012 Souvenir Pen

Season Finale 2012 Souvenir Pen (for free with limited stock)

When and where does the “Season Finale Horse Racing” take place?

The 2011/2012 horse racing season’s finale will be held on Sunday (July 15, 2012) at the Sha Tin Racecourse. First race will start at 12:30pm.

How much is entrance fee?

Admission to the Sha Tin Racecourse is HK$ 10 and you can purchase right at the entrance by either cash or Octopus Card. If you come before Race 6 you will be able to redeem a free “Season Finale Souvenir Pen” (while stock last).

How to get to the Season Finale Horse Racing?

The most convenient way is to take the MTR train to the Sha Tin Racecourse. Make sure to double check the MTR train if this one is stopping at the racecourse. Listen to the announcement on the platforms and ask one of the friendly MTR staff which train will stop at the Sha Tin Racecourse. For more details about How to Get There and other information about racecouses, please refer to the article ” Hong Kong Horse Racing“.

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