The Peak and The Peak Tram are one of Hong Kong’s most popular and loved sightseeing attractions. In recent years, The Peak launched a series of special “The Peak – I Love You” promotion.

The Peak I Love you

The Peak I Love you

This summer “The Peak – I Love You” introduces the unique and very special “Post Love to the Future” promotion. Just recently, The Peak Tower set up 365 mailboxes on level P2 Atrium of the iconic Peak Tower building. Each of these 365 mailboxes play an important role in the “Post Love to the Future” promotion and are marked with a different date (each box represents one day of the year). Visitors can deposit their postcards and/or letters in the desired mailbox with the date of their choice and The Peak will post it for you on that specific day. So whether it’s your daughter’s or son’s birthday, your wedding anniversary, Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, the date when you met your first love, the day when you visited The Peak for the first time or any other special moment or occasion of your life you simply can write a message and mail it to your friends, family and relatives “on time”.

“The Peak – I Love You” “Post Love to the Future” promotion also comes along with a limited edition postcard set. Customers who purchase HK$ 100 or above at The Peak Tower have a chance to redeem the limited edition “The Peak – I Love You” postcard set while stock last. Due to the popularity of The Peak and limited edition items we highly recommend acting fast if you are interested to get one of this limited edition “The Peak – I Love You” postcard set.

Please note: the HK$ 100 need to be on one same-day sales receipt. Unfortunately, the ticket receipts of Peak Tram Sky Pass, Peak Tram Ticket and/or Sky Terrace 428 Tickets are not eligible for the redemption of the limited edition “The Peak – I Love You” postcard set.

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