Mongkok is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. The streets are always overcrowded – no matter what time of the day you decide to visit Mongkok. The Chinese characters of the word Mongkok literally translate as “bustling corner” which you can experience not only on weekends and public holidays. Mongkok has the highest population density in the world according to Guinness World Record. As a visitor, you may have difficulties to cope with the masses of people, but don’t be afraid – just after a few minutes you will flow with the crowds through Hong Kong’s street and street markets like a local.

Not too long ago, in the 1980s and 1990s, Mongkok was well known for its triad activities and gathering place to handle illegal business. Several local and international movie blockbusters used and still use Mongkok and its history as a shooting location (e.g. One Night In Mongkok or the international blockbuster Bourne Supremacy).

Although Hong Kong is one of the safest metropolitan cities around the world and triad activities have been almost absence we highly recommend to safeguard your personal belongings due to cases of pickpocketing.

Street Market in Mongkok District

Street Market in Mongkok District

What to SEE ?

Mongkok is in the very heart of Kowloon Peninsular and managed to preserve its traditional Chinese characteristics more than other parts of the city. Visitors have the opportunity to encounter a different Hong Kong between past and modern times. Neon lights and advertisement boards, the hustle and bustle, Chinese language signs without English make Mongkok a great place to explore not only for photographers.

The most popular street markets of Hong Kong are located in Mongkok and its surrounding areas. Tourists and locals love to explore an array of street markets and local food stalls. We highly recommend walking through Mongkok’s many streets and explore the famous and popular Ladies Market (where you purchase almost everything from iPhone cases to T-shirts and typical Hong Kong souvenirs although you might would have guessed that you only would be able to buy ladies clothing, cosmetics and accessories), Sai Yeung Choi Street or also known as Electronics Street (where you are able to find the latest computer, digital cameras and other consumer electronics) as well as the Sneaker Street or Sport Shoes Street (where you can find a large variety of sport shoes and apparels).

Attractions in Mongkok District

Attractions in Mongkok District

In close vicinity are several other tourist highlights. Bird and nature lovers might want to have a look at the Bird Garden located in the Yuen Po Street. Especially in the morning hours and afternoon time, you can experience a Hong Kong phenomenon: Hong Kong people “walking” with their precious birds. Just a few steps away is another popular market: Flower Market. Street hawkers and small shops sell a wide variety of beautiful flowers. Simply stroll around and enjoy the explosion of colors and incenses. The Goldfish Market is also close by. A variety of fishes including goldfishes are displayed and sold in plastic bags. Fish lovers can buy everything from seldom fish species to aquariums, filtrations pumps and other related accessories and equipment.

Furthermore, interested parties can explore some old parts of Mongkok by walking along Shanghai Street. Following this street will lead you to the southern part of Mongkok’s district and lead you to Yau Ma Tei where the famous Jade Market is and into Jordan with its popular Temple Street Night Market (also known as the “Men Market).

You can read our related article for a detailed tour of the above mentioned tourist highlights and street market.

Several stations away is one of Hong Kong’s most popular temples “Wong Tai Sin Temple“. If you decide to visit Mongkok, you also can consider to visit this temple. For how to arrange the route, you can refer to the article “Two Day Tour in Hong Kong“.

More Attractions in Mongkok

Where to SHOP ?

Nowadays, Mongkok is one of the prime spots for shopping and dining. Especially for the local young generation, Mongkok is a place with condensed street food stalls as well as the latest fashion, electronic gadgets and toys.

Aside shopping from the above street markets, computer fans can stop at Mongkok Computer Center to hunt for the latest electronic gadgets from around the world. Music lovers might want to have a look at Beat Records, one of the best places to hunt rare finds, vinyl records and super audio CDs or Ho King Commercial Center to shop for the latest trends and pop culture.

Beside electronics products, Mongkok is one of the best places in Hong Kong for shopping cosmetics. There are a large number of cosmetics stores like SaSa, Bonjour, Colormix within walking distance.

Shopping malls Langham Place and Grand Century Place both locate in the centre of Mongkok and You will be able to find electronics, beauty, fashion items or the latest sport gear and toys there.

Where to RELAX ?

Similar to Tsim Sha Tsui, Cordis Hong Kong Hotel (the previous Langham Place Hotel) in Mongkok provides excellent spa (Chuan Spa) for the guests to relax.

Besides, Mongkok is also an excellent place to experience local street food and different snacks. Visitors have chance to taste snacks from American hotdogs, Japanese Sushi, French waffle, British fish and chips to Taiwan milk tea, Indian pancake. Mongkok is like a small republic of international snack and food.

As to Hong Kong traditional food, you can taste the famous Dim Sum and Hong Kong styled noodles in one of the many small eateries along the streets and street markets. Why not try some of the unique snacks on the street including famous stinky tofu or Hong Kong style egg-waffles.

Other Popular Districts in Hong Kong