Noah’s Ark is another “unique” sightseeing attraction in Hong Kong. Opened in May 2009, the religious theme park is operated by several Christian organizations of Hong Kong. The Noah’s Ark theme park is situated on the Ma Wan waterfront, directly next to the Tsing Ma Bridge (another attraction highlight) and is centered on the themes of love of life, family, the Earth and positive values. In addition, the Noah’s Ark theme park has the “only full-size replica of Noah’s Ark” which overlooks the Tsing Ma Bridge and features a series of life-sized sculptures of exotic animals. Combining entertainment and education in diverse activities, the mission of Noah’s Ark is clearly to promote family values, harmony, teach love as well as care for the environment.

Entrance of Noah's Ark

Entrance of Noah’s Ark

Outside Noah's Ark

Outside Noah’s Ark

Main Attractions of Noah’s Ark

You should not expect too much about the size of the theme park and Noah’s Ark is the actual centerpiece of the whole theme park. Being the main attraction, Noah’s Ark has three floors where most of the attractions can be found. The top floor of the Noah’s Ark building is actually a youth hostel or “hotel”.

1. Ark Expo

Exhibition Inside Noah's Ark

Exhibition Inside Noah’s Ark

Situated on the ground floor, the Ark Expo is basically the main attraction of Noah’s Ark. Inside the Ark Expo hall you have a chance to enjoy multi-media presentations about Noah’s Ark and the story behind it, watch a short movie in the “180 degree Great Flood Theatre” and imagine how the journey of Noah’s Ark could have been, examine “one of the largest” meteorite or take a break in the 4D Theatre from all this “excitement” which focuses on the Amazing Powers of nature and the challenges our Planet is facing. Last but not least, you can learn and enjoy about the Microscopic Animal Kingdom by looking at some displays and dioramas.

Exhibition inside Noah's Ark

Exhibition Inside Noah’s Ark

Aside from the Ark Expo there is Noah’s Hall located on the ground floor. Noah’s Hall is basically a room for conventions, school classes or corporate meetings.

2. Ark Garden

Ark Garden

Ark Garden

Before you walk into the exhibition hall of the Ark Expo, you can stroll through the Ark Garden with its full-size replica and sculptures of “exotic animals”. The hand-crafted sculptures of the rare and endangered species are basically the main attraction of the Ark Garden. Although, the sculptures of the animals are hand-crafted they look very artificial. Aside from the replicas of the animals you are able to discover the “hidden character traits of the Animal Kingdom” and have a short stroll through the Ark Garden with its ponds and “waterfalls”.

Exhibition Outside Noah's Ark

Exhibition Outside Noah’s Ark

In the past, there has been the 2-head-castle attraction at the lower level at the Ark Garden. The 2-head-castle “attraction” is a special exhibition of rare occurrences of Mother Nature. You are able to see two-headed turtles, albino snakes, two-headed snakes, conjoined twin fish or single-eyed fish.

Two Head Castle of Noah's Ark

Two Head Castle of Noah’s Ark

3. Ark Life Education House

Ark Life Education House is formerly known as Ark Expo C. In the past, visitors could visit the following attractions at the Ark Expo C: Ark Theatre, Ark Life Education Hall and Noah’s Hall Balcony. Most of these attractions are now gathered under the Ark Special (Special Exhibition) attraction and the Ark Life Education House became a stand-alone attraction.

In the Ark Life Education House you can experience, learn and cherish how precious life is through different interactive activities. Visitors can renew and reflect their views and perspectives of life through different plays and different activities such as drawing smiling faces, watching the movie “Count Down From 30” (thinking about what is most important in life when you just have 30 seconds to live), Coffin Journey (how does it feel to be in a coffin or at a funeral), Dear Future Me (writing letter to ourselves in the future) or learning from the past with the activity of the Rainbow Railway.

4. Ark Life Education House

Outside of the Noah’s Ark building you can find Noah’s Adventureland (pre-booking only) and Noah’s Stadium which is mainly a basketball court. The Adventure Land is located at the waterfront location and has about 20 rope course elements including a rope tunnel or the “Tsing Ma Bridge” rope course. Basically, the Noah’s Adventure Land is used for recreation, fun and team building activities and usually booked by groups. Aside from taking a break from the “exciting” Noah’s Ark experience you have a good view and chance to take some pictures of the Tsing Ma Bridge at the Noah’s Ark Adventure Land.

5. Treasure House

On the second floor of Noah’s Ark is the Treasure House located. Inside the Treasure House are 15 galleries. In the past the Treasure House mainly featured exhibits about recycling, globalization, man and culture as well as the impacts on the environment. Recently, the complete Noah’s Ark Theme park went under revision and had been redesigned and repositioned. Elements of life education, critical thinking and liberal studies have been added and integrated to the Treasure House experience. The Treasure House is currently designed for children aged 3-15.

6. Ark Special (Special Exhibition)

Like mentioned above, the Noah’s Ark Theme Park renamed and reassigned several attractions. Formerly, being in the Ark Expo C the Ark Theatre, the Path of Eden, the Light of World as well as the Ancient Tabernacle are now reassigned under the Ark Special.

In the Ark Theatre you have a chance to be part of some “stage” performances. Dressed up like Romans, the staff of Noah’s Ark introduces and replays some of the stories of the Bible such as e.g. Moses. These interactive role-plays and performances are combined with few movies and exhibitions. Divided into six zones you have a chance to experiences religious artifacts as well as “enjoy” the “Light of the world” on the three-screen 3D theatre. The themed guides will lead you through the “Path in Eden” or the “Ancient Tabernacle”. In addition, bibles from around the world are exhibited and displayed as well as a life sized replica of the golden Ark of Covenant and golden lamp stand. Also, you can take experience yourself how Gutenberg printed the first pages of the bible (price for a single page HK$ 50 (!)).Last but not least, there is Noah’s Hall Balcony.

On the lower ground floor you have the chance to dine in Harvest Restaurant or purchase some souvenirs in the Marvels souvenir store. In addition, the entrance for the 2-head castle attraction is located here as well.

Exhibition Inside Noah's Ark

Exhibition Inside Noah’s Ark

Opening Hours:

Closed on every first and third Wednesday of each month (except public holidays)

Ticket prices:

In the past there have several ticket combos (Ark Combo, Noah Combo, Rainbow Combo or the Expo Special Combo). Ticket combos and prices have been confusing similar to the structure of the Noah’s Ark Theme Park. Starting from February 2012, the Noah’s Ark Theme Park as well as the ticketing got more clearly arranged and concise.

Instead of having several combos for different age groups the Noah’s Ark Theme Park now has only one package called the Noah’s Ark Ticket which include the Ark Expo, Ark Garden, Treasure House, Nature Garden, Ark Life Education House and the Special Exhibition. Tickets are HK$ 155 for adults and HK$ 125 for children and seniors.

Where to buy tickets for Noah’s Ark:

You can purchase tickets at the park entrance or purchase through the official website are available. In addition, you can purchase tickets at the following ticket sales points of Noah’s Ark (most of them are hotels and shopping malls) like the Royal Plaza Hotel, Royal Park Hotel, Royal View Hotel, World Trade Center, Grand Century Place, Sun Arcade, Metro Plaza, East Pont City or the Hung Fook Tong.

Important piece of advice: If you purchase your tickets e.g. in the Royal Park Hotel in Mongkok you could only purchase the most expensive ticket combo in the past. In addition, you had to pay for the shuttle bus an additional HK$ 38. Several visitors had been very unhappy about these business practice and procedures. From April 1, 2012 visitors of the Noah’s Ark Park can redeem a free Round-Trip Coupon of the Noah’s Ark Direct Shuttle Bus at the Noah’s Ark Ticket Counter at the Grand Century Place (Mongkok) upon any online purchase of the admission tickets.

Nearby attraction: Nature Garden also known as Ma Wan Park.

Just opposite the Noah’s Ark theme park is the Nature Garden located.

Insider Tip: Make sure to get a special UV stamp on your hand before you leave the park. Otherwise you have to repay again. If you are already in Ma Wan and a nature lover this might be an attraction worthwhile to see. The Nature Garden has 1000s of native trees. The paths and walkways through the park are built up along the natural landscape. From the Hilltop Lockout you have a good overview over the surroundings and get a good view of the adjacent bridges. In addition, there is a small Heritage Center located in the park which displays artifacts and relics uncovered at Ma Wan. The entrance area, the Golden Mean Plaza as well as the Rainbow Wall are popular among local newlyweds to take wedding pictures.

Ma Wan Park

Ma Wan Park

Inside Ma Wan Park

Inside Ma Wan Park

Inside Ma Wan Park

Inside Ma Wan Park

Heritage Center of Ma Wan Park

Heritage Center of Ma Wan Park

Opening Hours:

Free of charge on:
1:00pm-6:00pm (Mon, Fri, Sat)
8:00am-6:00pm (Tue to Thu, Sun and Public Holidays)
Please note: The time on Monday, Friday and Saturday morning (9:00am-1:00pm) is reserved for groups and pre-booking as well as a paying a small fee is required.

How to Get to Noah’s Ark:

By ferry: Take the ferry to Ma Wan at Central Ferry Pier No. 2. Traveling time is approx. 25 minutes and fare for an adult single journey is HK$ 22 (HK$ 11 for children or seniors).

From the Airport: Take the circular Park Island Bus at the Airport Terminal 2. Fare is HK$ 24 for a single-journey.

By Shuttle Bus: Take MTR to Mongkok station and then transfer to the official shuttle bus which will take you directly to the park. Travel time on the shuttle bus is about 25 minutes. Round-trip fare for the direct bus shuttle bus is HK$ 38.

Noah's Ark Shuttle Bus

Noah’s Ark Shuttle Bus

Noah's Ark Shuttle Bus Service

Noah’s Ark Shuttle Bus Service

The Bottomline:

Noah’s Ark Souvenir Store

Noah’s Ark Souvenir Store

Is it worthwhile to visit Noah’s Ark? Our aim at Next Stop Hong Kong is it to save you time and money. If you just stay Hong Kong for short time and you are more interested in the famous attractions in Hong Kong, Noah’s Ark should not be on your visiting list. Although the park claims to have the “only full-size replica of Noah’s Ark”, actually it somehow disappointed us by the actual size of both the ark and the park as well as the price of entrance ticket. To our understanding, the presentation of the different exhibition is biased and superficial and the intention of raising the awareness of taking care of environment is badly executed. The park is poorly designed and unstructured. Besides, we were also disappointed by the attitude of the staffs who were not willing to answer our questions and they spoke only in Cantonese.

Unless, you are traveling with your church, bible class or any other religious associated group we highly recommend you to save your time and money. If you really want to go to Ma Wan, then take your swimming shorts or bikini with you and enjoy a day at the beach. From there you can see the Tsing Ma Bridge as well as Noah’s Ark. The money saved, you can spend on shopping for some Hong Kong souvenirs, take your kids to the Ocean Park where the education and entertainment activity are more balanced and the learning curve of environmental awareness might be higher or go to Hong Kong Disneyland where you get the perfect image of love, family and positive values by a theme park for the whole family. If you aim on educating your kids about the universe and our earth, we think Hong Kong Science Museum may be a better choice.

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