Halloween 2014 is coming up. Halloween is actually not a traditional holiday in Hong Kong. However, recently years it becomes popular and gives a reason for both adults and kids getting some fun on this holiday.

Ocean Park Halloween Fest in Hong Kong Ocean Park has been one of the best places to celebrate this western festival in Hong Kong. Ocean Park’s annual Halloween Fest has been very popular among young adults and reached a level of not only be legendary, but also became an institution itself. In previous years, Ocean Park managed to find first-class collaboration (e.g. Wyman Wong in 2012) and took the Halloween celebration to another level.

This year, Ocean Park invited movie director Juno Mak (whose blockbuster Rigor Mortis won the Best Visual Effects at the Hong Kong Film Awards) to design the Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2014 to bring its guests a terrifying ambience. Nine unique experiences at seven haunted attractions wait to be discovered and explored including some of the movie’s most iconic scenes such as Room 2442, vampire making at Auntie Mui’s home, vampire hunter having dinner with spirits and the grim corridor. Over 30 actors will be performing ghosts, ghouls as well as the characters from the movie including Auntie Mui, the ghastly twin sisters, Celestial Master Yau and the security guard Uncle Yin.

The Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2014 is also introducing a new Halloween concept of transforming attractions with Double the Fun, Double the Fear. One of the transforming attractions is the Forest of Legends, which will transform into the Forest of Doom at night. Halloween lovers have a chance to experience two different kinds of settings depending what time of the day they visit this attractions. So make sure to visit the transforming attractions and plan some time for the day as well as the night experiences.

2014 Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween

2014 Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween
(Photo Source: Hong Kong Ocean Park)

Highlights of the intense scary Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2014 are the H14 (restricted class), Rigor Mortis LIVE, Chinese MAD-ICINE Hall, Horror-Wood Studios and the Forest of Doom. Other lite spooky attractions include Eerie Nippon Journey, Forest of Legend, Phantom Studios and many performing side shows.

2014 Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween

2014 Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween
(Photo Source: Hong Kong Ocean Park)

Aside from the intense scary attractions, Ocean Park announced Asia’s first collaboration with popular Japanese cartoon character Doraemon during the Halloween Fest 2014. For the first time ever Doraemon will have its own themed Halloween attraction. Doraemon Halloween Party is designed for families with kids and lovers of the cartoon can visit Doraemon House of Gadgets (featuring his favorite gadgets such as the Time Machine or Anywhere Door) as well as meet his gang of characters. In addition, there will be a Doraemon themed restaurant (Neptune’s Restaurant) with a special Doraemon X Ocean Park Halloween Fest Set Menu. Furthermore, there will be a wide range of special designed Doraemon-themed Halloween merchandise including T-Shirts, coin bags and plush toys.

Last but not least, Ocean Park restaurant Café Ocean will transform into the Hall of Returning Spirits (don’t be scared when a ghost or ghoul will serve your food) while Tuxedos Restaurant will have some special treats and dishes served in a coffin.

Ticket Prices for the Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2014:

Ocean Park Daytime Admission Ticket:
Adults: HK$ 320 (students: HK$ 262)
Children (aged 3-11): HK$ 160 (students: HK$ 131)

In addition to the normal Ocean Park Daytime Admission Ticket, there will be a special Halloween Fest Premium Ticket available. Holders of the Halloween Fest Premium Ticket can get admission to all day-and-night Halloween attractions with priority access to 16 attractions, a HK$ 100 in-park coupon pack and a special Halloween souvenir.

Halloween Fest Premium Ticket:
Adults: HK$ 628
Children (aged 3-11): HK$ 314

Where to buy tickets for the Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2014

Tickets can be purchased at the Ocean Park Main Entrance, at all 7-Eleven Stores and at the Ocean Park Online Ticketing System.

Please note: The Halloween Fest Premium Tickets cannot be purchased at 7-Eleven stores.

When will the Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2014 start?

The Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2014 will take place on every Friday to Sunday from October 1st to October 31st, 2014. In addition, visitors have a chance to experience the Halloween Fest 2014 on the following days: October 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 30 and of course 31.

The Ocean Park theme park opens from 10:00am to 10:00pm on Halloween Days. Most of the Halloween attractions and activities start at 1:00pm.

Here are some commercial videos about Ocean Park Halloween. Are you brave enough to watch it?

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