Would you like to meet some of the cute penguins or experience an artic fox? Then mark down July 13th, 2012 in your calendar when Ocean Park’s final masterpiece in their redevelopment project (please read our related article about the opening of the “Old Hong Kong” attraction) will be added with a grand opening to the popular theme park in Hong Kong.

Located at The Summit, Polar Adventure is the latest addition to Hong Kong’s popular Ocean Park and is divided into the South Pole Spectacular and the North Pole Encounter. The Polar Adventure will give visitors the chance to learn more about the penguins’, walruses, sea lions and other polar animals natural habitat and how global warming affect their lives.

Hong Kong Ocean Park Polar Adventure

Hong Kong Ocean Park Polar Adventure
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At the South Pole Spectacular visitors have the chance to encounter and enjoy over 70 penguins. Watch and enjoy king penguins (the world’s second largest penguin), southern rockhopper penguins (one of the smallest penguins species) and gentoo penguins (which are usually easily identified due to their colored markings around their eyes) how they dive, walk and live. Pacific walruses, spotted seals as well as northern sea lions can be encountered at the second part of the Polar Adventure called the North Pole Encounter. Furthermore, make sure not to miss the artic fox at the Arctic Fox Den attraction as well as the cute snow owls. In case you get hungry, you could stop by the newly opened Tuxedos Restaurant. The Tuxedos Restaurant has panoramic views of the penguin pool and you able to watch and dine with the cute penguins. Last but not least, Ocean Park added another rollercoaster at the Polar Adventure called the “Arctic Blast” which is a fun-filled bobsled ride for the whole family.

Some piece of advice: in case you are interested to explore and experience the Polar Adventure take a small jacket, sweater or wind breaker with you due to the fact that the temperatures are relatively low at the new attractions.

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