The Octopus Company introduces a new first-of-its-kind Octopus Card for the iPhone called the Octopus Phone Sticker. The Octopus Phone Sticker functions as a normal adult Octopus card (please refer to our Octopus page for more information about the Octopus Card and its functions) and is simply applied by sticking the sticker on the back of your iPhone. Then you can enjoy the convenient “dood” and payment process while you travel or shop just like a normal Octopus card with your iPhone device.

iPhone4 Octopus Sticker

(The copyright of all the pictures in this post belongs to Hong Kong Octopus Cards Limited)

The Octopus Phone Sticker is currently only available for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4s. Interested customers can choose among three colors including black, white and red. The original price for the Octopus Phone Sticker is HK$ 268 and each pack includes an iPhone protective film/skin for the back. The Octopus Phone Sticker can be purchased at all 7-Eleven stores in MTR stations from February 7th, 2012 onwards or from the Octopus online store. Please note: the price for the Octopus Phone Sticker does not include deposit or stored value, is non-returnable and the only available type of Octopus card is currently the adult version.

At the moment it is not clear if the Octopus Company will introduce the special Octopus sticker for the kids and seniors Octopus cards as well. Also it is uncertain, if the Octopus Company might issue this special Octopus stickers for other mobile phones such as HTC, Blackberry or Samsung smartphones or previous editions of the iPhone such as the iPhone 3 and iPhone 3GS. We will keep you updated.

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