Currently, about 170 countries and territories can visit Hong Kong on a visa-free basis for business, social or leisure purposes. Depending on which nationality you hold, visitors will be granted a tourist visa for 7-180 days. To be on the safe side, make sure your passport will be valid 6 month after your planned departure date from Hong Kong. Details about the duration of the visa-free stay, a complete list of countries and territories as well as whether you are required to apply for a visa can be found here.

Some piece of advice: Similar to most countries and territories around the world, tourists who enter Hong Kong with a visitor’s visa/permit are not allowed to take up employment. If you like to work and take up employment in Hong Kong, you must obtain a working visa from the immigration Department and do need a sponsor (which is usually the employing company).

Furthermore, when traveling around in Hong Kong make sure to have a proof of identity with you. As a tourist this would usually be your passport. Police as well as Immigration officers might run random checks if you are legally in Hong Kong. Failing in showing an identity document might result in high fines and penalties. In order to enjoy a hassle-free holiday make sure to take your passport or ID card with you.

More Important Information You Need To Know