How come all the bad news always come together at the beginning of new year? Like Ocean Park Hong Kong’s recent announcement of price increasing, new price adjustment of Hong Kong Disneyland is following. Hong Kong Disneyland silently announced another price increase of their admission tickets. It is already their fourth consecutive price increase, which is about one year after the last price adjustment.

Don’t panic. Calm down. Scroll down this article and you will find some ways to save money on entrance tickets.

The reason behind the recent price hike can be seen in an operational loss for the last fiscal year (HK$ 148 million) and addition of new attractions such as the newly added Iron Man Experience. In addition, another reason may due to the new opening of Shanghai Disneyland in June 2016, competing lots of visitors from Mainland China away.

When will be the new price adjustment of Hong Kong Disneyland?

Effective from December 16th 2016, visitors will face on average a 9% increase (around HK$ 30 to HK$ 50) of the current ticket prices.

New price adjustment of Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland Parade

Price increase of entrance tickets

Wondering how much Hong Kong Disneyland tickets are now? The new prices are:

A regular standard adult (aged 12-64)
1-Day Ticket – HK$ 589 (was HK$ 539)
2-Day Ticket – HK$ 759 (was HK$ 739).

Tickets for children (aged 3 -11)
1-Day Ticket – HK$ 419 (was HK$ 385)
2-Day Ticket – HK$ 539 (was HK$ 525).

The pricing structure for seniors (above 65 years) will remain unchanged for all ticket types (1-Day Ticket is priced at HK$ 100, while the 2-Day Ticket will remain unchanged at HK$ 170).

new price adjustment of Hong Kong Disneyland on Magic Access Membership

Moreover, Hong Kong Disneyland decided to adjust the prices for their Magic Access annual membership as well. The new price for the Silver Magic Access for an adult is now HK$ 1,178 (was HK$ 1,078).

Interestingly, Hong Kong Disneyland decided to remain the pricing structure for the Gold Magic Access annual membership card which continues to be priced at HK$ 1,888 (was HK$ 2,188). However, the prices for the Platinum Magic Access increased heavily this time at HK$ 3,348 (was HK$ 2,988).

Some extra promotions and ways to save money

Special price for Hong Kong residents – ID card needed

Hong Kong Disneyland announced a set of special offers to compensate the next ticket price increase to Hong Kong residents with a valid HKID.

This Hong Kong Disneyland ticket price promotion and offers include enjoying the old ticket prices for the 1-Day Ticket, 2-Day Ticket and new Magic Access memberships until March 16, 2017. Extra 20% Discount is given to existing pass holders if they decide to renew their annual Magic Access membership cards.

Discounted / Cheaper entrance tickets for everyone

Don’t be frustrated. Here are still some ways to save your money on entrance tickets as well.

Here to find best ticket discounts :

Get a 1-Day Pass for HK$ 533
(Official Price is HK$ 589,
saving HK$ 56)

Get a 2-Day Pass for HK$ 627
(Official Price is HK$ 708,
saving HK$ 81)

box-info2 Do You Know

If you would like to spend more than one day in Hong Kong Disneyland, traveling back and forth between Disneyland and your hotel may just give you a headache, especially when you travel with your family and kid(s).

Do you know Hong Kong Disneyland has actually two Disney themed hotels, which are located right close to the entrance of the park and equipped with great facilities and Disney decorations.

Which Disneyland Hotel should you stay ?

Hong Kong Disneyland has now three themed hotels : Hong Kong Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and the new Disney Explorer Lodge. All of them are themed with Disney related characters. They have very different theme and atmosphere, as well as prices and services. Check out the detailed review about how to choose the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel to get more information about them as well as find some great deals.

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