The Story Behind “Next Stop Hong Kong”

Hong Kong is such a spectacular and dynamic city that she has so much to offer: East or West, modern or old-fashioned, day or night. It is hard for newcomers to plan, know and visit the most of the attractions within a limited time.

Our goal of NextStopHongKong Private Walk Tour is very simple :

Deliver a fun and memorable tour that is flexible and customizable to everyone. Show our guests a real Hong Kong with both the tourist attractions and her secrets within locals.

A great tour should be a flexible and relaxed tour that you decide where to go, whom to travel with, what to see and when to start/stop.

Thanks for the trusts and supports that our readers and clients have given us. We will ensure you a memorable and one-of-a-kind tour trip.

NEXT STOP HONG KONG was founded in 2009 and it was originally a travel website about Hong Kong’s travel information and insider tips.

We are not only the founders, but also the photographers, writers, programers, editors and web designers.

With our free time, we built up this blog word by word with our love, passion, knowledge and insights about Hong Kong without any traps, hooks or affiliations.

If you are not ready to book a tour, you can check our website to keep an eye on what’s happening in Hong Kong everyday.

Next Stop Hong Kong Travel Guide

The Faces behind Next Stop Hong Kong

Hong Kong, with her unique fusion of Western and Eastern culture, is considered as “EAST MEET WEST”.

She has so many secrets and stories that worths days and months to explore.

We try to show you Hong Kong as how she really is, both tourist attractions and off-the-beaten tracks.

NextStopHongKong is a true “EAST MEET WEST”. No only because we provide tours in four languages: English, German, Cantonese and Mandarin, but our team are from both West and Dast.

We deeply hope that Hong Kong will impress you as how he impresses us !

★ Steve – Your Western Tour Guide

Tour Guide - Steve

Steve is the founder of Next Stop Hong Kong.

He is a native German and also speak fluent English. If you would like to have him as your tour guide, he can provide both German and English tour.

He has been lived and worked in many countries including America and China, that he understands not only western but also Hong Kong’s culture and customs.

He has been living in Hong Kong for more than a decade. You can consider him as a true local because he knows the stories of Hong Kong even better than many locals.

He can easily point out the name of every building on the street and tell you the story behind it. He is so enthusiastic about Hong Kong that he is like a living Hong Kong travel book.

He also loves exploring Hong Kong with his camera and has been to many places of Hong Kong that even Hong Kong locals seldom know.

He understands Hong Kong with his Western perspectives and knows what in Hong Kong will arise the interests of Western people.

Steve is an easy-going person that he likes to meet new people. Strangers on the street like to walk up to him and chat with him because of his trustworthy face and nice character.

If you go out with him, one big bonus is that you will never need to follow a flag because he is very tall, especially in Hong Kong, that it’s impossible to lose him in the crowds.

★ Jessie – Your True Local Guide

Tour Guide - Jessie

Jessie represents the ‘EAST’ part of NextStopHongKong.

Being a true Hong Kong and Chinese native, Hong Kong is not only home for her, but also a city that she is in love with.

You don’t need to question her deep-rooted understandings of her own culture and customs. Besides, influenced by the mixed culture in Hong Kong and her experiences in foreign countries, she expands her understandings on the Western world and has very good sense what her guests (especially from Western world ) would like to explore.

She is excited to unlock the secrets of Hong Kong with you and share the best of Hong Kong.

Being a private tour guide, she aims to deliver unique and fun tours that usually the guests cannot manage without the tour guide. Having her as your tour guide, she will tell you lots of Chinese traditional stories and interesting facts about her hometown.

She speaks native Cantonese and Chinese, and of course very fluent English. If you are adventurous, you can go with Jessie to try the bizarre or local delicacies.

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Testimonials – See What Our Guests Say

“Super personalised tour. Excellent.” – We booked a 6 hour tour on our second trip to HK. On the first tip we hit all the big tourist hot spots so this time around we wanted to do something a bit different. Jessie was our guide. It was a thorough 6 hours with a lot of information that you just can’t find in the tour books and guides, and unlike some of the Lonely Planet guides who are paid to take you to specific locations, Jessie tailored our tour for us on-the-fly.
Chris L (Salt Lake City), Full review on Tripadvisor
“Very enjoyable tour! Highly recommend!” – We left it up to Jessie to plan an itinerary based on our areas of interest. Jessie had a broad knowledge across many topics and had no trouble answering our questions about Government; HK life (new and old); traditional food and customs. …She was very friendly and talkative and we felt very relaxed and safe in her company. Thank you for taking such good care of us and showing us your Hong Kong.
Karen and Sheri... T (Australia), Full review on Tripadvisor
“Fantastic walking tour of HongKong and surrounding” – I had a very long layover in HongKong and … decided to book a 4 hour walking tour with NextStopHongkong. My tour guide was Jessie and she was a great help even before I arrived … Just had a great time. Jessie was very informative and I had a great trip. She did a really nice job of responding to what I wanted. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone.
Jen78703 (Texas), Full review on Tripadvisor
“Awesome tour – Jessie is the best” – I had few hours in HK and I decided to go out of the airport and get a bite of this fascinating city! I was lucky to plan a tour with Next Stop Hong Kong: Jessie took me around and showed many parts of the city, focusing on the things I was interested more. A very well guided tour, tailored according to my preferences and well built around the less time I had. Definitely a worthy experience.
MemKiters (Memphis), Full review on Tripadvisor
“Fantastic One-Day Tour!” – I booked a day tour with Next Stop Hong Kong, which was one of the best decisions. The service was from the start excellent. What a day! I couldn’t have asked for more. Jessie introduced me to local customs, excellent food and a great mix of sightseeing attractions on and off-the-beaten paths. The tour was the highlight of my Hong Kong stay. Highly recommended to anyone!!!
Eric J (Georgia), Full review on Tripadvisor
“Didn’t want it to end” – I am so glad I took a tour with Next Stop HK. Jessie’s email responses were so informative and thoughtful. On the day of the tour I was immediately at ease with her. It was like having a friend show you around. She gave me so much information about everything. I highly, highly recommend NSHK. Book the 8 hour tour – it is a great value and made all the difference in my trip to Hong Kong.
Letsgo5_11 (Washington DC), Full review on Tripadvisor