Grand Opening of New Town Plaza Apple Store in Hong Kong

Apple has announced the opening of its New Town Plaza Apple Store in Shatin. The grand o [...]

By |Jun 25th, 2016|

Grand Opening of Canton Road Apple Store in Hong Kong

When everyone was wondering whether Apple could handle the extreme high rent in Hong Kon [...]

By |Sep 24th, 2015|

Apple iPhone 6S & 6SPlus Launch in Hong Kong from 25th of Sep

Many rumors have been out for a while and the web is full of speculation about the new i [...]

By |Sep 10th, 2015|

Hong Kong is Getting Crazy Before iPhone 6 Official Launch

The rumor has been spread for quite a while that on the 9th of September 2014 Apple’s CE [...]

By |Aug 31st, 2014|

Grand Opening of Third Apple Store in Hong Kong

Apple will launch its third Apple store in Causeway Bay this coming Saturday, December 1 [...]

By |Dec 11th, 2012|

iPad Mini Launch in Hong Kong

iPad mini, the fourth generation of iPad is launched on October 23rd, 2012. As the name [...]

By |Oct 23rd, 2012|

How to Purchase iPhone 5 in Hong Kong (Step by Step Tutorial)

Although iPhone 5 has been launched in Hong Kong for almost a month (launched on the 20t [...]

By |Oct 20th, 2012|

Grand Opening of Second Apple Store in Hong Kong

Good news for Apple fans in Hong Kong: Apple finally gets ready to open its second Apple [...]

By |Sep 23rd, 2012|

Apple Announced iPhone5 Launch in Hong Kong

As Apple announced iPhone5 launch in Hong Kong, the version number of iPhone finally jum [...]

By |Sep 13th, 2012|

Updated News: How to Purchase The New iPad in Hong Kong?

Since last Thursday (8th of March, 2012) Apple launched the new iPad on official Apple w [...]

By |Mar 15th, 2012|

New iPad Is Launched in Hong Kong

The New iPad is launched in Hong Kong and you can pre-order and reserve yourself one on [...]

By |Mar 8th, 2012|

Octopus Introduces New Octopus Sticker for the iPhone

The Octopus Company introduces a new first-of-its-kind Octopus Card for the iPhone calle [...]

By |Feb 11th, 2012|

iPhone 4 and iPad 2 Finally launch in Hong Kong

iPhone 4 (white) and iPad 2 (white and black) finally launched in Hong Kong starting fro [...]

By |Apr 29th, 2011|
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