Price Will Be Increased Once Again in New Year in Hong Kong Disneyland

Why all the bad news need to come together at the beginning of new year ? Like Ocean Par [...]

By |Jan 1st, 2017|

Hong Kong Sevens Rugby Match 2015

Hong Kong Sevens Rugby Match, which is known as one of the most wildest and craziest spo [...]

By |Feb 1st, 2015|

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Introduces E-Tickets at 7-Eleven

Hong Kong’s popular tourist attraction Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car announced to collaborate [...]

By |Dec 11th, 2014|

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Increases Ticket Prices 2014

As one of Hong Kong’s most popular sightseeing attractions Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car anno [...]

By |Dec 9th, 2014|

MTR Airport Express Taxi Feeder Promotion 2015

The Hong Kong MTR Corporation re-launched their “Airport Express” Taxi Feeder Promotion [...]

By |Dec 7th, 2014|

Hong Kong Attractions Fun Deals Promotion 2014

Good news not only for all the bargain hunters and travellers on a tight budget: The Hon [...]

By |Jan 6th, 2014|

Ocean Park SmartFun Child Annual Pass Promotion 2013

Ocean Park Hong Kong announced a special SmartFun Child Annual Pass Promotion. From now [...]

By |Jan 10th, 2013|

Choose Your Dark Side – Haunted Halloween Hong Kong Disneyland 2012

Summer is almost over and autumn is standing in front of the door. Have you prepared for [...]

By |Sep 10th, 2012|

Ocean Park Spooky Halloween Bash 2012

Every year Halloween Hong Kong's theme parks, some attractions and tourism board will ar [...]

By |Aug 23rd, 2012|

Exhibition on China’s First Manned Space Docking Mission in Hong Kong Science Museum

The Hong Kong Science Museum will host the "Exhibition on China's First Manned Space Doc [...]

By |Aug 10th, 2012|

Ocean Park Cool Summer Nights Promotion

Don’t know what to do on a Saturday and Sunday night? Looking for a special place to dan [...]

By |Jul 31st, 2012|

MTR introduces “Ride 10 Get 1 Free” Promotion

From June 18 to December 30, 2012, Octopus Card holders can enjoy the special “Ride 10 G [...]

By |Jul 25th, 2012|

MTR Airport Express Promotion – Kids Enjoy Free Rides

The MTR Corporation launched another promotion for visitors and locals who are traveling [...]

By |Jul 15th, 2012|

Sky100 Celebrates 15th HKSAR Anniversary with a Special Promotion

Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck offers a special ticket discount from 11th of July to [...]

By |Jul 11th, 2012|

Ocean Park Introduces E-Tickets at 7-Eleven

Great news for all Ocean Park Fans: Ocean Park announced a special collaboration with th [...]

By |May 9th, 2012|

The Peak 124 Year Anniversary Promotions

Going up to the Peak by the historic Peak Tram is one of the Must-Do of your Hong Kong t [...]

By |May 4th, 2012|

Sky100 Mother’s Day Promotion 2012

Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck offers a special promotion to celebrate Mother’s Day a [...]

By |May 4th, 2012|

International Museum Day 2012 – Free Admission to Hong Kong Museums

Museums around the world host the International Museum Day and this year’s theme is “Mus [...]

By |May 1st, 2012|

ART HK 12 – Hong Kong International Art Fair

The following article is for all you art lovers. From May 17-20, 2012 the Hong Kong Conv [...]

By |Apr 30th, 2012|

Special Promotion of Ocean Park’s SmartFun Annual Pass

Fans of Ocean Park already know that Ocean Park has a special annual pass called the "Oc [...]

By |Apr 21st, 2012|

Peak Tram and Madame Tussauds Great Offers on The Peak

Promotion of Peak Tram and Peak Tower Visitors who purchased Peak Tram Tickets, Peak Tra [...]

By |Apr 20th, 2012|

Star Ferry Weekend Fares will Rise from June 2012

The [Star Ferry] Corporation announces another fare price increase. Traveling with the p [...]

By |Apr 17th, 2012|

MTR Fare Will Rise 5.4% From June 2012 onwards

The MTR Corporation announced plans to increase the MTR fares again. From June 2012 onwa [...]

By |Apr 6th, 2012|

Sky100 Free Admission for Kids and Students

The [Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck] has the “'Skyline through Kids’ eyes” promotion. [...]

By |Apr 1st, 2012|

MTR Introduces Tourist Value Pack 2012

The New Year 2012 starts with some good news for all of you short term visitors to Hong [...]

By |Dec 30th, 2011|

First Ferry Extends “Island Hopping Pass” Till 30th June 2012

New World First Ferry Services Ltd. or as local Hong Kong people refer to “First Ferry” [...]

By |Dec 30th, 2011|

Meet The Lovely Oowa At The Peak This Holiday Season

This Christmas, the Peak Hong Kong surprises her guests with special edition of cute Oow [...]

By |Dec 1st, 2011|

New Price of Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car will be effective from December 2011

One of Hong Kong’s hottest attractions, the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car will raise its tick [...]

By |Nov 19th, 2011|

Hong Kong Disneyland Price Rising is Confirmed, Starting from 1st of August

After the Ocean Park announced to increase the entrance fee, there was a rumor that Hong [...]

By |Jul 8th, 2011|

Hong Kong Ocean Park and Disneyland Will Raise the Entrance Fee Soon

Ocean Park Hong Kong and Hong Kong Disneyland are two of the most famous theme parks and [...]

By |Jun 21st, 2011|

HKD399 Tour Around Hong Kong and Macau with iVenture Card

The Australian based iVenture Card International Ltd. is tapping into the Chinese touris [...]

By |Jun 9th, 2011|

Hong Kong’s Iconic Ding Ding Tram Increases Fare

With effect on June 7th, 2011 Hong Kong’s iconic tram will increase fares. For the past [...]

By |May 17th, 2011|

Sky-Ride and Game Pass Promotion: Ngong Ping Cable Car + 4D movie at 40% Off!

Hong Kong International Airport and Ngong Ping 360 teaming up for a promotion. From now [...]

By |May 14th, 2011|

Festive May Promotions at Ngong Ping 360 [Buy-3-Get-1-Free] Promotion

From now until May 22nd, 2011 Ngong Ping 360 is presenting some special offers. During t [...]

By |May 12th, 2011|
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