When talking about Dragon Dance, most of you including western people may have already known or seen. But have you ever heard about “Fire Dragon Dance”, which is a very “Made in Hong Kong” tradition.

Story about “Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance”

It was said that in 1880 the night before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Tai Hang village was attacked by a strong Typhoon and a large Python devoured livestock in the village and was killed by the villagers at last. The next day after the typhoon, the body of the Python mysteriously disappeared and a plague spread across the village suddenly.

Fire Dragon Dance in Mid-Autumn Festival Hong Kong

Fire Dragon Dance in Mid-Autumn Festival Hong Kong
(The copyright of the picture belongs to Hong Kong Tourism Board)

After the death of some villagers, a Taoist said the large Python was the son of Dragon King in the Ocean and the King brought the plague for revenging the death of his son. The only way to save the village was the Fire Dragon, the strong rival of Ocean Dragon King. So from the Mid-Autumn Festival, villagers needed to perform the “Fire Dragon Dance” for continuously three days, ignite the fire crackers contained sulfur and the disaster would be driven away. From then on, the tradition was kept and the “Fire Dragon Dance” is nowadays one of the China’s official intangible cultural heritage.

Special Event of “Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance” in 2012 Mid-Autumn Festival

This month, you will have the chance to experience this special event and feel the unique atmosphere on the Mid-Autumn Festival with Hong Kong locals in continuous three days. Be prepared for an incredible spectacle of fire and smoke when the 67-meter-long dragon, more than 100 performers and tens of thousands sticks of incense moving through the crowded streets of Tai Hang in Causeway Bay. Don’t miss the special chance and mark down the time on your schedule book now!

Venue 1: Tai Hang, Causeway Bay (Along Lily Street, Ormsby Street to Tung Lo Wan Road)
Just take MTR to Tin Hau station and exit through Exit A1.
Date: September 29 – October 1
Time: 7:30pm & 10:30pm (September 29 & October 1)
7:30pm & 8:45pm (September 30)

Venue 2: Victoria Park, Causeway Bay
Date: September 30
Time: 10:45pm & 11:30pm

Admission: Both venues are admission free!

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