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Hong Kong is a vibrate city with great news, promotions and events everyday. Check out what is happening in Hong Kong today and plan your trip wisely !

Come and dive into Hong Kong’s best attractions, temples, museums, theme parks, beaches and street markets. Also, don’t miss the highlights in those popular districts.

Hong Kong is considered to be the “Gourmet Heaven”, where you can find a large variety of food, including Chinese, Cantonese, Indian, Thailand, Italian, Japanese, Mexican and more.

Hong Kong is considered as the ultimate shopping heaven and international center of trade with incredible variety of shopping malls, outlets, street markets, shopping centers all around Hong Kong.

No matter you want to save money, go shopping, plan your time efficiently, relax in top spas and rooftop bars or made a tailor-made suit, we hope you get the better experience with our exclusive tips !

Hong Kong has not only great attractions and skyscrapers, but also provides her guests all kinds of surprises and promotions on transportation, attraction admission as well as shopping.

Check out here if you have any questions and some uncertainties in Hong Kong about visa requirement, currency exchange, climate, transportation as well as how to get to downtown…

As the neighbour of Hong Kong, Macau is situated only about 60km next to Hong Kong and you can easily take a ferry to there from Hong Kong within one hour have a one/two day tour there…