Price Will Be Increased Once Again in New Year in Hong Kong Disneyland

Why all the bad news need to come together at the beginning of new year ? Like Ocean Par [...]

By |Jan 1st, 2017|

LEGO x Star Wars: The Force Awakens Exhibition at Times Square

Hong Kong Times Square Shopping Mall in Causeway Bay is hosting the second part of the l [...]

By |Nov 20th, 2015|

Hong Kong Disneyland Increases Ticket Prices 2015

Bad news comes before the happy holiday season. Without a sign, Hong Kong Disneyland sud [...]

By |Nov 5th, 2015|

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Exhibition in Times Square

Hong Kong is preparing for the release of the latest Star Wars movie (Star Wars: The For [...]

By |Oct 20th, 2015|

MTR x 10th Anniversary of Disneyland Resort Line Ticket Sets

Hong Kong Disneyland and the MTR Disneyland Resort Line (one of the MTR railway line) ar [...]

By |Sep 12th, 2015|

7-Eleven x Hong Kong Disneyland Light Parade

Hong Kong’s convenience store chain 7-Eleven is launching a special series of limited ed [...]

By |Dec 29th, 2014|

Hong Kong Disneyland Increases Ticket Prices 2014

Hong Kong Disneyland announced new prices for their admission tickets. Effective from No [...]

By |Nov 14th, 2014|

Hong Kong Disneyland Haunted Halloween 2014

Halloween in Hong Kong is not only celebrated in Ocean Park Hong Kong (Ocean Park Hallow [...]

By |Oct 13th, 2014|

New “Disney Paint The Night” Parade Coming to Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland announced the launch of the new “Disney Paint The Night” spectacle. [...]

By |Jun 16th, 2014|

Hong Kong WinterFest Celebration 2013

Hong Kong has kicked-off its annual WinterFest celebration to celebrate Christmas and th [...]

By |Dec 8th, 2013|

“Dare You Not to Scream” Hong Kong Disneyland Halloween 2013

Did you prepare for this year’s Halloween “Dare You Not to Scream” event at Hong Kong’s [...]

By |Sep 25th, 2013|

MTR Launched “Hong Kong Disneyland Mystic Point” MTR Special Tickets

In order to celebrate Hong Kong Disneyland’s latest and exclusive theme park extension “ [...]

By |May 17th, 2013|

Hong Kong Disneyland’s “Mystic Point” Opens on May 17th 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland will officially open the newly added Mystic Point attraction on May [...]

By |May 16th, 2013|

Hong Kong Disneyland Increases Ticket Prices

Starting from tomorrow, March 27th, 2013, Hong Kong Disneyland will increase their ticke [...]

By |Mar 26th, 2013|

Hong Kong Disneyland “A Golden Chinese New Year Celebration”

From February 1st to February 24th, 2013, Hong Kong Disneyland will celebrate the arriva [...]

By |Feb 1st, 2013|

Update: 2012 Hong Kong Halloween in Ocean Park and Disneyland

We would like to share a short update as well as some insider tips with some of the most [...]

By |Sep 28th, 2012|

Choose Your Dark Side – Haunted Halloween Hong Kong Disneyland 2012

Summer is almost over and autumn is standing in front of the door. Have you prepared for [...]

By |Sep 10th, 2012|

Disneyland’s Grizzly Gulch Opens July 14th 2012

The opening of Grizzly Gulch is a great news for all the fans of Hong Kong Disneyland. B [...]

By |Jul 14th, 2012|

Hong Kong Disneyland In-Transit Promotion

Hong Kong Disneyland launched an interesting promotion for all passengers who are In-Tra [...]

By |May 14th, 2012|

Hong Kong Disneyland Star Guest Program (15/3-20/5)

Are you a big fan of Hong Kong Disneyland and the cute Toy Story characters? Woody? Ham? [...]

By |Mar 16th, 2012|

Hong Kong Disneyland Opens Toy Story Land on November 18th, 2011

Toy Story fans already have been anticipating and waiting quite a long time for the open [...]

By |Nov 12th, 2011|

Trick or Treats? Screaming with Joy in the Ghost City of Hong Kong on Frightened October

Hong Kong is well-known as a place where east meets west. Chinese traditions as well as [...]

By |Sep 10th, 2011|

Hong Kong Disneyland Price Rising is Confirmed, Starting from 1st of August

After the Ocean Park announced to increase the entrance fee, there was a rumor that Hong [...]

By |Jul 8th, 2011|

Hong Kong Ocean Park and Disneyland Will Raise the Entrance Fee Soon

Ocean Park Hong Kong and Hong Kong Disneyland are two of the most famous theme parks and [...]

By |Jun 21st, 2011|
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