Grand Opening of New Town Plaza Apple Store in Hong Kong

Apple has announced the opening of its New Town Plaza Apple Store in Shatin. The grand o [...]

By |Jun 25th, 2016|

Live Report: A Delicious Adventure with Cinnamoroll Exhibition 2015 at Sunshine City Plaza

This Christmas, the Sunshine City Plaza shopping mall decorated their atrium with Sanrio [...]

By |Feb 23rd, 2016|

LEGO x Star Wars: The Force Awakens Exhibition at Times Square

Hong Kong Times Square Shopping Mall in Causeway Bay is hosting the second part of the l [...]

By |Nov 20th, 2015|

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Exhibition in Times Square

Hong Kong is preparing for the release of the latest Star Wars movie (Star Wars: The For [...]

By |Oct 20th, 2015|

Grand Opening of Canton Road Apple Store in Hong Kong

When everyone was wondering whether Apple could handle the extreme high rent in Hong Kon [...]

By |Sep 24th, 2015|

Live-Report: The ONE x Pokemon Xmas Exhibition

Hong Kong’s shopping mall The ONE is celebrating this year’s Christmas season with a spe [...]

By |Jan 9th, 2015|

Live Report: Pom Pom Purin Christmas Exhibition in Metro City Plaza

One thing I really love about the Christmas season in Hong Kong is the fact that every s [...]

By |Dec 28th, 2014|

Live-Report: LCX x Moomin The Adventure X’mas Exhibition

This Christmas Hong Kong’s shopping mall LCX is transforming into Moomin Valley. The uni [...]

By |Dec 19th, 2014|

Live-Report: Olympian City x Playmobil 40th Anniversary Christmas Exhibition

Hong Kong’s shopping mall Olympian City is celebrating the Christmas season with a very [...]

By |Dec 13th, 2014|

Pop-up Kumamon Café by Izumi Kitchen at YATA

Hong Kong’s recently opened up many themed restaurants including Hello Kitty Secret Gard [...]

By |Dec 5th, 2014|

French Patisserie Ladurée Opens First Hong Kong Store

Luxury cakes and pastries maker Ladurée opened its first store in Hong Kong. Lovers of t [...]

By |Dec 1st, 2014|

Live Report: apm x Snoopy 65th Anniversary Christmas Exhibition 2014

Hong Kong’s apm shopping mall is getting ready for the Christmas Season and has decorate [...]

By |Nov 29th, 2014|

Live Report: “One Piece Docks ” Exhibition at Hong Kong Times Square

Hong Kong’s Times Square Shopping Mall is hosting the special One Piece Docks at Hong Ko [...]

By |Aug 24th, 2014|

Langham Place “Sanrio Star Chef Institute” Exhibition 2014

This summer Hong Kong’s popular shopping mall Langham Place hosts the “Hello Kitty – Sta [...]

By |Aug 2nd, 2014|

Live Report: Harbour City x “Dare to Dream” Snoopy Art & Life Exhibition 2014

Hong Kong Harbour City shopping mall is hosting a unique Snoopy Exhibition called “Dare [...]

By |Jul 25th, 2014|

Live Report: Harbour City x Mushroom Garden Summer Wave Party 2014

It is summer and most of Hong Kong shopping malls are trying to attract customers and vi [...]

By |Jul 19th, 2014|

Fashion Walk X Mr. Men & Little Miss “A WALK IN FASHION by Michael Lau” Exhibition 2014

It is summer and most of Hong Kong shopping malls are trying to attract customers and vi [...]

By |Jul 17th, 2014|

Live Report: Windsor House KOBITOS Summer Farm Exhibition 2014

The super popular Japanese characters KOBITOS are coming to Hong Kong this summer. Winds [...]

By |Jul 13th, 2014|

Live Report: Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibition 2014 @ Times Square

The Dark Knight is back in town again. Yes, you read right – Batman is back in Hong Kong [...]

By |Jul 7th, 2014|

Live Report: LCX x Yum Yum Bear Charity Auction in Harbour City

Besides the lovely LCX x Yum Yum "The Happy World" Exhibition, there's another LCX x Yum [...]

By |Jun 12th, 2014|

Live Report: Lovely “The Happy World” Exhibition in Harbour City

Finally Harbour City opened the LCX x Yum Yum "The Happy World Exhibition". Yum Yun is a [...]

By |Jun 9th, 2014|

LCX x Yum Yum “The Happy World” Exhibition 2014

The LCX Shopping Mall (which is part of Hong Kong’s largest Harbour City Shopping Mall) [...]

By |Jun 2nd, 2014|

J. Crew Opens First Asian Pacific Stores in Hong Kong on May 22 & 23, 2014

Popular and famous US fashion retailer J. Crew will open its first Asian-Pacific stores [...]

By |May 31st, 2014|

Windsor House x Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Exhibition 2014

Hello Kitty fans and people who love cute things should mark down the following event in [...]

By |Apr 5th, 2014|

Hong Kong WinterFest Celebration 2013

Hong Kong has kicked-off its annual WinterFest celebration to celebrate Christmas and th [...]

By |Dec 8th, 2013|

Hello Kitty Le Petit Café Opens in Hong Kong SOGO

Hong Kong’s first Hello Kitty Le Petit Café has been opening at the Japanese Department [...]

By |Dec 7th, 2013|

Langham Place “Hello Kitty & Friends in Russia” Christmas Exhibition 2013

Christmas is coming up and popular shopping mall Langham Place kicks-off the festive 201 [...]

By |Nov 22nd, 2013|

“Hello Kitty Back to 1960s” @ Langham Place Exhibition 2013

If you are a fan of Hello Kitty and you like Hong Kong's sightseeings and culture, then [...]

By |Jul 26th, 2013|

Live Report: Kumamon Pop-up Store Opened Today in Tsuen Wan YATA

Finally the cute Kumamon Pop-up Store openend in YATA (Tseun Wan) today (June 28 2013). [...]

By |Jun 28th, 2013|

Come and Enroll in the Monsters University at Time Square – Part 2: Atrium

Hong Kong recently is full of cuteness. Not only the popular "Donguri Republic" shop ope [...]

By |Jun 22nd, 2013|

Come and Enroll in the Monsters University at Time Square – Part I: Open Piazza

Hong Kong recently is full of cuteness. Not only the popular "Donguri Republic" shop ope [...]

By |Jun 22nd, 2013|

Donguri Republic Shop Opening and Studio Ghibli Exhibition in Harbour City

The Giant Rubber Duck just left Hong Kong on June 9th and the cute Totoro has arrived. T [...]

By |Jun 21st, 2013|

Live Tour of Donguri Republic Shop in Harbour City

Although I have waited for the opening of Donguri Republic Shop for a long time, I still [...]

By |Jun 21st, 2013|

First Day of Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck Exhibition in Hong Kong

Florentijn Hofman’s lovely Rubber Duck finally sailed to the giant bathtub of Victoria H [...]

By |May 3rd, 2013|

Florentijn Hofman’s “Rubber Duck” Exhibition Comes to Hong Kong

Florentijn Hofman’s masterpiece – a 16.5 meter-high Rubber Duck – will be on display in [...]

By |May 1st, 2013|

Outdoor Mapping Show “Hong Kong Fantasia at The Peak”

This Chinese Traditional Mid-Autumn Festival (the 30th of September) and China's Nationa [...]

By |Sep 25th, 2012|

Service Extension of the Peak Tram and Sky Terrace 428

Good news for all the visitors in Hong Kong during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Peak Tra [...]

By |Sep 25th, 2012|

Grand Opening of Second Apple Store in Hong Kong

Good news for Apple fans in Hong Kong: Apple finally gets ready to open its second Apple [...]

By |Sep 23rd, 2012|

Choose Your Dark Side – Haunted Halloween Hong Kong Disneyland 2012

Summer is almost over and autumn is standing in front of the door. Have you prepared for [...]

By |Sep 10th, 2012|

100-Year Before Birth of Doraemon Exhibition in Harbour City

Which celebrity can celebrate his birthday before the birth and even have an exhibition [...]

By |Aug 14th, 2012|
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