Hong Kong became a colony of Britain since 1840s.

After 100-year colonial era, she returned to China in July 1997 and remains as Special Administrative Region of PCR.

Influenced by both Chinese and Western culture, Hong Kong is considered as a place where West meets East. However, it is not only about culture and custom, but also holidays…

The great part of Hong Kong is citizens on this land can enjoy both Chinese and Western holidays…On both the Chinese holidays such as Mid-autumn Day, Tuen Ng Festival, Chinese New Year, China National Day as well as the Western like Easter and Christmas, Hong Kong residence can enjoy day-off…

The best of all is Hong Kong people can celebrate a holiday that only belongs to them: The Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day.

Fireworks on the China National Day

Fireworks on the Chinese New Year

Here are the lists of Hong Kong public holidays of 2016…

January 1

New Year’s Day (Friday)


February 8

Lunar New Year’s Day (Chinese New Year) (Monday)

February 9

The second Day of Lunar New Year (Tuesday)

February 10

The third Day of Lunar New Year (Wednesday)


March 25

Good Friday (Friday)

March 26

The day following Good Friday (Saturday)

March 28

Easter Monday (Monday)


April 4

Ching Ming Festival (Monday)


May 2 *

The Day following Labour Day (Monday)

May 14

The Birthday of the Buddha (Saturday)


June 9

Tuen Ng Festival (Thursday)


July 1

Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day (Friday)


September 16

The day following Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (Friday)


October 1

National Day (Saturday)

October 10 *

The day following Chung Yeung Festival (Monday)


December 26 *

The first weekday after Christmas Day (Monday)

December 27 *

The second weekday after Christmas Day (Tuesday)

* Hong Kong Government is very generous when it comes to official holidays. Since both the Labour Day as well as the Chung Yeung Festival falls on a Sunday in 2016, Hong Kong Government decided to designate the following day as general holiday substitution. In addition, since Christmas Day falls on a Sunday in 2016 as well, the second weekday after Christmas Day is designated as a general holiday.

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