Which celebrity can celebrate his birthday before the birth and even have an exhibition for him? Come to Harbour City Hong Kong right now and you will get the answer.

The “100 Year Before Birth of Doraemon Exhibition is held from 14th of August to 16th of September 2012 in front of and inside the Harbour City shopping mall in Hong Kong.

Doraemon was created by Japanese mangaka Fujiko F. Fujio and is a robot cat coming from the 22nd century. Doraemon’s birthday is the 3rd of September 2112. That’s why this exhibition is called “100-Year Before Birth of Doraemon”.

This exhibition is the biggest Doraemon Exhibition in Hong Kong and divided into several parts. You will find Doraemon figures and scenes hiding in many corners and floors in Harbour City.

100 1:1 Doraemon Figures In Front of Harbour City

100 1:1 Doraemon Figures In Front of Harbour City

Flying Time Machine Exhibition Hall in Harbour City

Flying Time Machine Exhibition Hall and Doraemon

Doraemon’s magic power is from his pocket where he can get many gadgets, medicines, and tools from the future. Can you imagine in front of Harbour City Ocean Terminal now is occupied by 100 1:1 Doraemon figures holding 100 different tools in hand? This is once-in-a-life chance that you can have a look and take pictures with 100 different Doraemon magic tools together that you have to wait to find in 100 stories.

The three most classic scenes in Doraemon story “Cherish the Memory with Grandma”, “Farewell to Doraemon” and “Wedding of Nobita Nobi and Minamoto Sizuka” are located in different places in Harbour City. Besides, there are much more for you to explore.

Cherish the Memory with Grandma in Harbour City

“Cherish the Memory with Grandma” scene in Harbour City

Farewell to Doraemon in Harbour City

“Farewell to Doraemon” scene in Harbour City

Wedding of Nobita Nobi and Minamoto Sizuka in Harbour City

“Wedding of Nobita Nobi and Minamoto Sizuka” scene in Harbour City

In LCX (Ocean Terminal Harbour City), the Bo-Lo’GNE Café and Bar cooperates with the exhibition and provides themed teatime sets. Don’t forget to try the memory bread?

Themed Doraemon Teatime in Bo-Lo'GNE Café and Bar

Themed Doraemon Teatime in Bo-Lo’GNE Café and Bar

Memory Bread in Bo-Lo'GNE Café and Bar

Memory Bread in Bo-Lo’GNE Café and Bar

Dorayaki in Bo-Lo'GNE Café and Bar

Dorayaki in Bo-Lo’GNE Café and Bar

During the exhibition, the organizers also aims to help sick children and provides limited edition commemorative postcard and a three-dimensional ceramic Doraemon doll for charitable fund-raising. You will also have a chance to purchase some limited DORAEMON x AllRightsReserved souvenirs for memory, including mugs, T-Shirts, umbrellas, etc.

Admission: Free
Exhibition Date: 14th of August – 16th of September, 2012
Exhibition Time: 10:00am – 10:00pm Monday to Sunday

Insider Tips: Doraemon is one of the most famous and popular animation characters in Asia and even around the world. Be prepared that the exhibition will be overcrowded beyond your imagination and you need to be there early enough and get the number ticket to visit some of the exhibition halls (Some exhibition halls will only offer limited quotas for visiting everyday).

(Note: The copyright of all the pictures in this article belongs to Harbour City Hong Kong)


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