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Hong Kong Government decided to cancel the 2018 Chinese New Year Fireworks to mourn the victims in bus crash tragedy. In addition, flags at Hong Kong government offices will be flown at half-mast tomorrow.

In the evening of 10th of February, a double-decker bus has flipped over and crashed on Tai Po Road, causing 19 dead and 66 injured.

There will not be the fireworks show in the eventing of 17th of Feb 2018. If you have booked special tickets for watching the fireworks, you may contact with the related company to see whether there will be refund.

Other traditional celebrations (eg. Flower Markets, Night Parade etc.) will remain the same.

The 2018 Chinese New Year (CNY) is the “Year of the Dog” and the Chinese lunar new year starts on 16th of February. As THE most important festival in Hong Kong, Hong Kong will welcome the new year with various Chinese New Year celebration. Among all the celebration, 2018 Lunar Chinese New Year Fireworks Display is definitely one of the highlights. Be assured that tens of thousands of people will watch and enjoy the stunning fireworks display along Victoria Harbour to welcome and celebrate the Year of the Dog.

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks

2018 Fireworks display over Victoria Harbour

In case you are interested in other 2018 Hong Kong Chinese New Year celebrations as well as what else Hongkongners do, you can check the following article:

When and where does the fireworks display take place?

This year’s Chinese New Year Fireworks will start at 8:00pm on February 17, 2018 (the second day of the Lunar New Year). Be prepared for a 23-minutes spectacular show illuminating Victoria Harbour, sky and skyline.

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Fireworks Show in Hong Kong

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What to expect from this Chinese New Year fireworks display – Scenes and Special Designs

This year, the fireworks will be shot from 4 barges on Victoria Harbour as always. The complete fireworks display includes 8 scenes, lasting 23 minutes. 39,888 fireworks and firecrackers will be shot to the sky, costing around 9 million Hong Kong Dollars. Are you ready for a fascinating show lighting up Hong Kong’s night?

Fireworks shooting from barges on Victoria Harbour

Fireworks shooting from barges on Victoria Harbour

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks

Fireworks Show in Hong Kong

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The best ways to experience 2018 Hong Kong Chinese New Year fireworks display ?

To get a detailed information about where to watch Hong Kong fireworks, do check out the complete review below on “Where Are the Best Places to Enjoy Hong Kong Fireworks Show”.

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1. Along Victoria Harbour Harbourfront (watch from close distance)

Since the fireworks will always be launched from four barges on Victoria Harbour, the best vantage points to enjoy the spectacular 20th Anniversary Hong Kong Establishment Day Fireworks Celebration are along Victoria Harbour in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST), Central, Wan Chai and of course on the water.

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Fireworks Show in Hong Kong

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Fireworks Show in Hong Kong

Best spots from Kowloon side

1. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
(Cultural Center Piazza, Star Ferry PIer, Salisbury Garden) (top option)
2. Ocean Terminal Deck (new option)
3. Waiting concourse of Star Ferry’s Harbour Tour
4. The Garden of Stars (Tsim Sha Tsui)
5. Hung Hom Bypass
6. West Kowloon waterfront promenade

Best spots from Hong Kong Island side

1. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center and Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai (top option)
2. Tamar Park in Admiralty (top option)
3. Central Ferry Piers No.9 & No.10
4. Central harbourfront
5. Hong Kong Observation Wheel (reopened)
6. Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Central Pier No. 8 (HK$ 428 per adult) (new option)
7. Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter

Other hot spots for viewing Hong Kong fireworks

1. The Victoria Peak and Peak Tower
2. sky100 Obseravtion Deck (watch from 100th floor of ICC building)
3. Rooftop bars

More about how to get to every location to watch fireworks, ticket and discount, advantages and disadvantages.

View from sky100

Fireworks view from sky100
(Photo source: sky100 Observation Deck)

Hot spots like Golden Bauhinia Square, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Star Ferry Piers, Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, Tamar Park, Centralharbourfront will be filled up very quickly and are always very crowded. Bars and restaurants with top views, such as Ozone Bar, Aqua Bar, Sevva Bar etc, will be booked out very fast.

Usually, the TST waterfront promenade including Hong Kong Cultural Centre Piazza as well as Avenue of Stars are one of the best places to enjoy the show. However, keep in mind that Avenue of Stars has been closed and will be closed till October 2018.

This year there are three new great fireworks viewing spots. One is the the latest public garden “Salisbury Garden“, which is open in the end of 2017. Another one is Hong Kong’s latest observation deck “Ocean Terminal Deck” with 270-degree panorama view. This year the Hong Kong Maritime Museum at Central Pier No.8 is also offering tickets for watching Chinese New Year Fireworks.

Having said that, be prepared that this vantage spot will fill quickly and will be very crowded. Keep in mind that the fireworks schedule and prepare plenty of time to travel to and from TST.

sky100 2018 Chinese New Year Fireworks Discount
(booking deadline: 7 Feb 2018)

Smile 1 admission ticket to sky100 + 1 drink
camera Watch fireworks display
schedule The 17th of February 2018 (6:30pm – 9:30pm)
Price H HK$ 288  HK$ 268

Check Out Discounts

box-info2 Do You Know

  • “The harbourfront (waterfront) of Victoria Harbour is always the favorite spot of photographers. Professional or amateur photography lovers will get to the best spots very early. You will find many tripods waiting along Victoria Harbour hours ahead of time. If you want to find a spot for photo shooting along Victoria Harbour, be sure to be there before 5:00pm.”

  • “Some venues may be subject to tickets. However, considering that you will have a secured spot without worrying about arriving in advance and crowds with thousand people, it’s actually a nice option.”

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2. From harbour-view hotels rooms, bars and restaurants

In case you would like to enjoy the fireworks from the convenience of your hotel room or while enjoying dinner or glass of wine, beer or cocktail, hotels are very good alternatives. There are plenty of hotels along both sides of Victoria Harbour with great harbor views, from where you are able to enjoy the fireworks how from your room. Check out the best 17 hotels providing Victoria Harbour views (ranked accordindg to distance from fireworks center).

Besides hotel rooms, don’t forget the bars and restaurants that also provide giant windows and clear vision of Victoria Harbour.

Chinese New Year is the most important festival in Hong Kong. Do secure a table as early as possible.

box-info2 Do You Know

  • “Watching from the rooms, bars or restaurants of hotels is an option behind windows with a little bit far distance. If you would like to feel the bang over head, the best option is still the above vintage spots or the Fireworks Harbour Tours.”

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3. From 2018 Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks Harbour Tour

Looking to enjoy the Hong Kong fireworks in the most memorable way? Why not celebrate this special anniversary aboard a cruise ship or one of Hong Kong’s iconic traditional Junk boats? Sailing to the middle of Victoria Harbour and feel the stunning scenery in the closest distance. Nothing beats these views and there is no better vantage point to enjoy the spectacular fireworks.

The fireworks can be enjoyed on board of the many Harbour Cruises. There are also several travel agencies offering Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks and Dinner Cruises along Victoria Harbour.

The traditional Chinese junk boats DUKLING and Aqua Luna have announced their offers for 2018 Hong Kong Chinese New Year Fireworks Cruise. One offers drinks and snack on board while another offers dinner in the luxury restaurant. The quotas are definitely limited and the prices start from HK$ 788 per person. If it is over your budget, you may consider the Watertours Chinese New Year Fireworks Display Cruise or the Star Ferry Chinese New Year Fireworks Tour.

For more price and booking details, check out the available offers for fireworks harbour tours as well as different Victoria Harbour Cruises and their possible discounts.

DUKLING Harbour Tour

DUKLING Night Harbour Tour

box-info2 Do You Know

  • “Special traffic arrangements are in effect before and after the 2018 Hong Kong Chinese New Year Firework Show. This includes closure (!) of roads and MTR Exits. Be prepared for a very large crowd and we highly recommend to plan your arrival way ahead of the schedule fireworks time.

box-info2 General Info and Details

schedule February 17th, 2017
clock  8:00pm
map Along Victoria Harbour
Price Free Admission

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Other Major 2018 Hong Kong Chinese New Year Celebrations and Events

Lunar New Year Fair

(Feb 10 – Feb 16, 2018)
Hong Kong Chinese New Year Flower Market, or Lunar New Year Fair usually kick off the Hong Kong Chinese New Year Celebrations. It’s a perfect way to join the locals and experience the real traditions on this special holiday season.
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2018 Hong Kong Chinese New Year Night Parade

CNY Night Parade

(Feb 16, 2018)
Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade, with dozens of floats and street live performances by artists all around the world, will transform the streets in Tsim Sha Tsui into a gigantic New Year carnival.
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Lam Tsuen Well-Wishing Festival

Lam Tsuen Well-Wishing Festival

(Feb 16 – Mar 4, 2018)
Lam Tsuen Well-wishing Festival is one of the oldest traditions during Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. Two giant banyan trees in Lam Tsuen are considered as god. Whenever there is a festival, villagers will toss the joss paper onto the wishing trees to make a wish.
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Hong Kong Horse Racing

Chinese New Year Race Day

(Feb 18, 2018)
Chinese New Year Race Day is not only one of the best way to start a new year and wish for good luck, but also it is a special horse racing mixed with many traditional elements.
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Hong Kong Lunar New Year Lantern Carnival

2018 Lunar New Year Lantern Carnivals

(Mar 1 - Mar 4, 2018)
The 2018 Lunar New Year Lantern Carnivals will feature with spectacular lantern displays as well as various performances including classical songs, dances and traditional stage arts.
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Lunar New Year Thematic Lantern Display

2018 Lunar New Year Thematic Lantern Display

(Feb 9 - Mar 4, 2018)
Lantern is an important element in Chinese tradition. Besides the Lunar New Year Lantern Carnival, there will be traditional lantern display in Cultural Center Piazza.
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