Hong Kong’s Heritage Museum will display rare memorabilia of Kung-Fu master Bruce Lee. You can visit the “Bruce Lee: Kung Fu – Art – Life Exhibition” starting July 20, 2013.

The Bruce Lee: Kung Fu – Art – Life Exhibition

The exhibition on the life of one of Hong Kong’s major international icons will run for the next five years (until July 20, 2018). Fans around the world will be happy to hear that the Hong Kong Heritage Museum managed to gather memorabilia from local and overseas collectors to commemorate one of the most famous and influential sons of Hong Kong. Especially after plans to convert Bruce Lee’s former house in Kowloon Tong to a museum failed in 2011.

Commemorating Bruce Lee

In time for the 40th Anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death (July 20, 1973), the Hong Kong Heritage Museum will display and feature more than 600 items and memorabilia of the life of the late Kung-Fu Legend in the “Bruce Lee: Kung Fu – Art – Life Exhibition” 2013. About 400 precious relics and memorabilia are gathered by the Bruce Lee Foundation while another 100 pieces are contributed by the Hong Kong Film Archive.

Film still from The Way of The Dragon

Film still from The Way of The Dragon

Exhibition of Bruce Lee personal life

The exhibition features Bruce Lee’s personal life and his movies, but also will give visitors the chance to explore Bruce Lee’s achievements, cultural impact and contribution not only to Hong Kong and its culture, but also around the world. Many of these items are on display for the first time. This includes clothing, pictures and tools used by Bruce Lee to practice Kung-Fu. The exhibition covers more than 850 square meters. Furthermore, the exhibition will also feature a 75 minutes documentary about Bruce Lee’s life as well as interviews with persons close to him. This master piece is called “The Brilliant Life of Bruce Lee”.

In addition, famous sculptor Chu Tat-shing created a 3.5 meter-high statue of Bruce Lee in action. Another highlight of the exhibition will be a 3D hologram showing Bruce Lee’s quick, forceful kicking and nunchaku skills made by artist Shannon Ma. Last but not least, the one-of-a-kind Bruce Lee: Kung Fu – Art – Life Exhibition will be accompanied by seminars, forums, gallery talks, discussions, interactive lectures and demonstrations.

When and where does the Bruce Lee: Kung Fu – Art – Life Exhibition take place ?

Duration: July 20, 2013 – July 20, 2018 (Five years)

Venue: Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Gallery 6 at 2/F and 2/F corridor

Admission Fee: HK$ 10 (Concessionary HK$ 5)

Please note: It is expected that “Bruce Lee: Kung Fu – Art – Life Exhibition” will be very popular. A trial period for online ticket reservation with fixes viewing sessions (about 1.5 hours) will be arranged. They are different sessions or opening hours for the Bruce Lee Exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

At present the following sessions are implemented:

Weekdays (5 sessions)

10:15am – 11:45am
11:50am – 1:20pm
1:25pm – 2:55pm
3:00pm – 4:30pm
4:35pm – 6:00pm

Weekends (Saturday, Sundays & Public Holidays) (6 sessions)
10:15am – 11:40am
11:45am – 1:05pm
1:10pm – 2:35pm
2:40pm – 4:00pm
4:05pm – 5:30pm
5:35pm – 7:00pm

Please note: the museum is closed on Tuesdays (except Public Holidays).

Insider Tips: Besides the exhibition, fans can also visit the Avenue of Stars along the Victoria Harbour where you can find the Bruce Lee statue in Hong Kong. In addition, there is his plaque. Unfortunately the Avenue of Stars was built after he passed away that he didn’t leave the hand imprint.

Bruce Lee's Hand Imprint on Avenue of Stars

Bruce Lee’s Hand Imprint

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