The Halloween Fest 2013 at Hong Kong’s popular theme park Ocean Park Hong Kong will offer fans of Halloween a complete new experience this year. Previous Halloween events at Ocean Park took only place at evenings and nights while visitors had to purchase special night admission tickets.

This year, Ocean Park changed it admission scheme for the Halloween Fest 2013. For the first ever, Ocean Park Halloween fans can enjoy the fun and scares with a normal daytime admission ticket. This normal admission ticket will allow visitors to enjoy all the normal fun and rides of the Ocean Park theme park while they also gain access to the special Halloween Fest 2013 event, attractions and activities. There is no need to buy two separate tickets anymore to spend a complete day and night at the Ocean Park (maybe due to their recent price increase).

2013 Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween Fest

2013 Hong Kong Ocean Park Halloween Fest
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What can you do in the Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2013?

The Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2013 has about 80 special Halloween attractions and activities. Like previous year’s, this year’s Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2013 has some new exclusive, spooky and intensive scary highlights. Halloween fans can get their chills and shivers at Law Lan’s Possessed Possessions (a haunted antique shop inhibited by horrifying ghosts, souls and spirits), a creepy factory in a neighborhood which is known for disappearing people called the Murder Factory, K-POP Madness (a scary singing audition where fans of K-Pop music should easily recognized the remixed K-Pop hits) as well as several Special Halloween shows including Minute To Kill It, Samsara, Le Freak, The Egyptian Dream Exhibition and the Night of the Living Dolls.

Additional highlights of the Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2013 includes the M&M’s Crash the Monster Party, the Pumpkin Creation Lab, the FUN-TASTIC FUNHOUSE, Pumpkin Party Fever, Freakmob 2013, Phantom of the Cineplex (a spectacular musical comedy show), The Regal Creepies, King Pumpkin’s Fashion Competition as well as Park-Wide Pumpkin Spookfestivities including Make-Up Halloween Booth, Halloween Fashion Maker and Pumpkin Hunter Madness.

Last but not least, for all the toy hunters and merchandise lovers. Ocean Park launched special limited Halloween Fest 2013 products including a series of glow-in-the dark souvenirs as well as exclusive pin sets, T-Shirts, mugs and other items.

When will the Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2013 start?

The Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2013 will take place on every Friday to Sunday from October 1st to October 31st, 2013. In addition, visitors have a chance to experience the Halloween Fest 2013 on the following days: October 1, 14, 17, 24 and of course 31.

The Ocean Park theme park opens from 10:00am to 10:00pm on Halloween Days. The Halloween attractions and activities will start at 1:00pm.

Ticket Prices

This year, Ocean Park made things easy. Simply purchase a day-admission ticket to enjoy the fun and scariness of the Halloween Fest 2013 event. The day-admission ticket is priced at HK$ 320 for adults and HK$ 160 for children (aged 3-11).

In addition, there is also a Halloween Fest Premium Ticket available which allows the holder to gain priority access to 16 attractions (including Pumpkin Creation lab, Law Lan’s Possessed Possessions, Fun-tastic Funhouse, K-POP Madness, Murder Factory, M&M’s Crash the Monster Party, Cable Car, Grand Aquarium, North Pole Encounter, South Pole Spectacular, Ocean Park Tower, The Rapids, Arctic Blast, Nair Raiser, Ranging River and Ocean Express), a HK$ 100 in-park coupon and a special Halloween souvenir.

The adult Halloween Fest Premium Ticket is available for HK$ 628 and the child (aged 3-11) for HK$ 314.

Halloween Fest Schedule Pass

The 13th annual Ocean Park Halloween event holds another surprise in store. For the first-time ever, Halloween fans can schedule their Halloween itinerary online with the Halloween Fest Schedule Pass App before they visit the park. Starting from October 1st, visitors can download the Ocean Park Hong Kong App from the iPhone App Store or the Android Google Play platform and sign up for designated rides. The Halloween Fest Schedule Pass App will automatically schedule the itinerary for five attractions in the Summit and allows guests with a priority access without queuing. Please note: this service is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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