From now until October 31st, 2011 the Hong Kong Wetland Park celebrates its 5th anniversary with a special themed exhibition “Bats at Wetlands”. More than 3 million people visited the Hong Kong Wetland Park during the past five years and changed the silent suburbs of Hong Kong to an international recognized environmental attraction. Besides celebrating 5 years of successful park operations, the Hong Kong Wetland Park hosts this event to raise public awareness as well as knowledge about the wetlands. Bats were not only chosen due to its essential role in keeping populations of night-flying insects in balance and its importance to the wetlands, but also due to the fact that bats make up over 50% of all mammals species in Hong Kong.

Bats at Hong Kong Wetland Park

Bats in Hong Kong Wetland Park

When thinking about the metropolitan city of Hong Kong with its bustling and hectic streets hardly anyone would think that this city is home to bats not even talking about their living environment. Therefore, visitors have the chance to discover more about bats, their behavior and their conservation. Furthermore, visitors get some inside about Chinese symbolism and why the bat appears on cups and plates (the pronunciation of bat in Chinese is similar to the one for luck) and can use a wide range of interactive multi-media games, videos, lectures, panels and/or fieldtrips to gain some in-depth knowledge of these mysterious but beautiful animals. In addition, several activities are organized by the Hong Kong Wetland Park such as DIY origami and badge-making workshops during the event period. Visitors are invited to join the activity and create some memorable memories.

bats at Wetland Park-eng

(Picture Source: Hong Kong Wetland Park)

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