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Hong Kong is a great place to travel and has much to offer. Traveling to another country and/or city is always exciting, but paying entrance fees, transportation and food can eat up your traveling budget quite fast. Therefore, it is always good to know where to get some good bargains and save a dollar or two. Below you will find the most current promotions. Simply follow the link to get some more information about the promotion of your choice. Be sure to check out the expire date of different promotions.

Jan 2017

Ocean Park Increases Ticket Prices in 2017 and How to Save Money on Tickets

Jan 5th, 2017|

Ocean Park Hong Kong increases ticket prices once again in the New Year. The Hong Kong local theme park will adjust its [...]

Price Will Be Increased Once Again in New Year in Hong Kong Disneyland

Jan 1st, 2017|

Why all the bad news need to come together at the beginning of new year ? Like Ocean Park Hong Kong's recent announcemen [...]

Feb 2016

MTR Airport Express Taxi Feeder Promotion 2016

Feb 14th, 2016|

The Hong Kong MTR Corporation re-launched their "Airport Express Taxi Feeder Promotion" for 2016. Passengers can enjoy s [...]

Airport Express Children Travel Free Promotion 2016

Feb 13th, 2016|

"Airport Express Children Travel Free Promotion" will be re-launched by Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation during the Christmas [...]

Cotai Water Jet “Air Boarding Pass” Discount 2016

Feb 13th, 2016|

Great news for all travellers who love to visit Macau. Cotai Water Jet Air Boarding Pass Promotion has been extended to [...]

Dec 2015

Hong Kong Museums Free Admission on Jan 2016

Dec 21st, 2015|

The major museums in Hong Kong ring the New Year 2016 with "Hong Kong Museums Free Admission" or "Enchanting Museums" ev [...]

Jan 2015

MTR Airport Express “Children Travel Free” Promotion 2015

Jan 21st, 2015|

Hong Kong MTR Corporation launched the popular Airport Express “Children Travel Free” Promotion during the Christmas and [...]

Cotai Water Jet “Air Boarding Pass” Promotion 2015

Jan 19th, 2015|

As one of the major transportation travelling between Hong Kong and Macau (check out all the methods travelling between [...]

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