The Chinese New Year as well as the Year of the Dragon hasn’t started yet, but it seems that no company, major sightseeing attraction, shopping mall or restaurant wants to miss out to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Dragon with some special promotions and/or events.

The Octopus Company doesn’t want to fall short and is issuing “The Year of the Dragon Limited Edition Octopus Set”. For all of you who are wondering what the Octopus card is, just a brief introduction. The Octopus Card is a basically a value-stored smartcard which can be used to pay tickets for the public transportation, but also be used to purchase products in supermarkets, fast food restaurants and a whole bunch of other vendors. For more detailed information please refer to our Octopus introduction article.

From time to time the Octopus Company issues special and limited Octopus cards. In the past there have Hello Kitty Octopus Card or Special Edition Tourist Octopus Card. The Chinese Zodiac Theme is an annual series and is launched a few days before every Chinese New Year Celebrations. Last years Limited Edition featured the rabbit/bunny while this year’s edition features the dragon.

“The Year of the Dragon Limited Edition Octopus Set” is beautiful designed and comes in a set of two unique designs. The dragons are drawn in Chinese traditional art. Paired with the colorful and festive backgrounds these sets are not only interesting for local collectors, but also for tourists who would like to have some special souvenirs of Hong Kong and the Chinese New Year Celebrations.

Dragon Year Limited Octopus Card

Only 2000 sets are issued of “The Year of the Dragon Limited Edition Octopus Set” making it a unique collectible. The sets are available for HK$ 288 from January 10th, 2012 and can be purchased at 7-11 stores in MTR stations. Please note that the “The Year of the Dragon Limited Edition Octopus Set” has no initial deposit or stored value on the card and is only available as Adult Octopus Card. If you are interested in this special limited item we highly recommend acting fast. There is a high chance that “The Year of the Dragon Limited Edition Octopus Set” will be sold out within minutes of the issuing day.

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