The Hong Kong Museum of Art celebrates the 20th Anniversary of their Xubaizhai Gallery with a special exhibition.

Starting from September 26th , 2012 visitors and Chinese art lovers have the chance to enjoy selected works by 20 masters from the Xubaizhai Collection including such famous pieces as “The Pagoda of Changgan Monastery” by Shitao, “Landscapes After Old Masters” by Wang Hui, “Cooling Off the Hot Summer” by Wen Zhengming and “Returning Home With a Qin” by Tan Yin.

Painting on the Gallery

Painting on the Gallery

The Xubaizhai Collection was donated by the Singaporean Chinese Banker Mr. Low Chuck-tiews and includes more than 600 Chinese paintings and calligraphy pieces. Although, the Xubaizhai Collection  encompasses work dating from the Northern Dynasties to the 20th Century, Visitors, Chinese Art lovers as well as art connoisseurs will appreciate the strong focus of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

In case, you are interested in Chinese paintings and calligraphy and plan to visit this special exhibition of the 20th Anniversary of the Xubaizhai Gallery you don’t need to rush. The special exhibition of the 20th Anniversary of their Xubaizhai Gallery will be on until September 30th, 2013.

The Admission for this special exhibition is HK$ 10 and free on Wednesdays. Please refer to our related article for more information how to get to the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

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