If you ask me what is the great part of Hong Kong, to my opinion, besides as a shopping heaven and a special city with western and eastern mixed culture, I would say one of my favorites is undoubtedly to be the Fireworks Shows.

Compared with many other countries and regions, the fireworks in Hong Kong is either more spectacular in term of scale or more breathtaking in term of distance to the viewers. Usually, the fireworks will be discharged from barges moored in Central Victoria Harbour off Wan Chai that people can enjoy it along Victoria Harbour and feel the bright fireworks just blossoms over your head. Best of all, Hong Kong citizens and tourists have many chances during a year to watch fireworks, such as on the second day of Chinese Lunar Year, on the 1st of July (Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day), on China’s National Day as well as on the last day of a year. Cool!

Fireworks Over Hong Kong on 2010 China's National Day

Fireworks Over Hong Kong on 2010 China’s National Day

Fireworks show is always one of the most anticipated events of the year to the city. This year (the 1st of October 2012) is the 63rd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. And as usual Hong Kong will have a spectacular firework display over Victoria Harbour.

Date: the 1st of October, 2012
Time: 9:00pm
Venue: Victoria Harbour

Insider Tips:

The fireworks is not only a popular event for local citizens, but for all the Hong Kong tourists. Especially the beginning of October (from the 1st to the 7th October 2012) is one of the longest holidays for the Chinese that unbelievably large number of Chinese tourists will flood into Hong Kong. From our former experiences, people will arrive at the most popular sightseeing spots way ahead of the scheduled start of the fireworks (can be 4-5 hours in advance). Make sure to travel to the event ahead of the scheduled time if you want a good watching spot. Special transport and traffic arrangement will be in place for the National Day. We will update the news as soon as Hong Kong Government announce it.

You can check our article “Hong Kong Fireworks Show” to find our the best locations and hotels to enjoy the fireworks show. Please be aware that all the hotels and restaurants will be booked out soon. So act quick!

Fireworks Over Hong Kong on 2010 China's National Day

Fireworks Over Hong Kong on 2010 China’s National Day

Last but not least, it happens that this year one of the most important Chinese holidays “Mid-Autumn Festival”(30th of September) is just one day before the China’s National Day. So if you are already in Hong Kong, why not check out the celebrations of 2012 Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Day, such as “Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance” and “Lantern Celebration and Carnival“.

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