Ocean Park Hong Kong increases ticket prices once again in the New Year. The Hong Kong local theme park will adjust its pricing structure such as ticket prices and annual pass fees from January 2017 onwards. The theme park announced the latest price increase is due to the rising cost of park expansion (new hotels as well as new attractions) as well as a significant drop in visitor numbers.

Ocean Park Hong Kong increases ticket prices

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong Increases Ticket Prices Starting From January

Effective from 1st of January 2017, visitors and fans of Ocean Park Hong Kong have to cope with higher ticket prices. Ticket prices for the general daytime admission will increase on average 11%.

If you are upset by the news, don’t worry. Scroll down to the bottom of this article to figure out some ways of saving your money on the entrance fee.

The Revised Ocean Park Hong Kong Ticket Prices for 2017

After Ocean Park Hong Kong increases ticket prices, the admission fees have different changes according to different categories.

– New Entrance Tickets Prices :

  • Adult tickets : HK$ 438 (was HK$385, increased HK$ 53);
  • Children (aged 3-11) tickets : HK$ 219 (was HK$ 193, increased HK$ 26);
  • Seniors (aged above 65) and children (aged below 3) – Free Entry;

– New Annual Pass Prices :

  • The Ocean Park SmartFun Annual Passes (Gold and Silver) are not affected;
  • Adult Gold Ocean Park SmartFun Annual Pass – HK$ 960;
  • Children Gold Ocean Park SmartFun Annual Pass – HK$ 480;
  • Adult Silver Annual Pass – HK$ 740 (no change);
  • Children Silver Annual Pass – HK$ 370 (no change);

This is already the 5th year in a roll that Ocean Park Hong Kong increase ticket prices. Since they are keeping expanding the park and adding new attractions in the past years, the price raising is somehow understandable.

It’s hard to believe the admission price for adult in 2013 was only HK$ 280. Within only a few years the tickets rises over HK$ 150.

Some Extra Promotions and Ways to Save Money

Promotion for Locals – Hong Kong Id Card Needed

Ocean Park offers local fans a two-month grace period to cope with the unpleasant decision. Similar to last year’s announcement, Hong Kong residents can enjoy discounts on admission tickets and purchase tickets for the old ticket prices until 28th of February 2017. In order to enjoy this promotion, you need to show the Hong Kong ID card.

Discounted / Cheaper Entrance Tickets for Everyone

If you have planned visiting Ocean Park in your itinerary, there are still some ways to save money on entrance tickets.

Get an Adult Ticket for HK$ 341
(Official Price is HK$ 438,
saving 22%)

Get a Child Ticket for HK$ 172
(Official Price is HK$ 219,
saving 22%)

box-info2 Secrets for You

  • “As one of the most popular theme parks in Hong Kong, Ocean Park Hong Kong is a great place not only to experience exciting rides, but also to get close to nature and animals.”

  • “In case you have children to travel with you, Ocean Park Hong Kong is a good option in your itinerary.”

  • “It was troublesome to travel to Ocean Park Hong Kong in the past since bus and taxi were the only public transportation. It usually took over 30-60 min traveling from downtown. Starting from 28th of December 2016, new metro line (South Island Line) takes only 4 mins traveling time from Admiralty station to Ocean Park station.”

  • Worthwhile: Star-Blue-Icon-4
    Location:   Star-Pink-Icon-4

  • Highlight: Panda, Dolphin Show, Pinguin, Jellyfish

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