It is just a few more days until the movie “Snoopy: The Peanuts Movie”  is released in Hong Kong. To celebrate this special movie and the coming Christmas, Hong Kong McDonald’s decided to launch “Hong Kong McDonalds Snoopy Collection”.

No only Hong Kong McDonald’s but also McCafé celebrate Peanuts gang with different products and food. The variety includes Snoopy and Charlie Brown coffee, desserts, toys, collectables and plush cushions.

What is the McDonalds Snoopy Collection Promotion for McCafé ?

Starting from December 3, 2015, Hong Kong McCafé kicks off the festive season with some special designed and inspired coffees and cakes.

A Snoopy pattern will be on top of the newly introduced raspberry chocolate drink. Like Charlie Brown more? Don’t worry. Charlie Brown will appear on top of the chocolate brownie coffee.

McDonalds Snoopy Collection

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Coffee

There are also two new lava cakes available featuring Snoopy and Woodstock.  The Snoopy one is raspberry flavor while the Woodstock is chocolate one.

McDonalds Snoopy Collection

Snoopy Rasberry Lava Cake

McDonalds Snoopy Collection

Woodstock Chocolate Lava Cake

In addition, McCafé launches a limited edition Snoopy Ceramic Mugs/Tumblers gift set. Each set includes 4 McCafé vouchers and a special designed tumbler for HK$ 120 per set.

McDonalds Snoopy Collection

Snoopy Ceramic Tumbler

What is the McDonalds Snoopy Collection Promotion for McDonald’s ?

Also on December 3, 2015, McDonald’s launches a set of the Peanuts Movie cushions. Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and Woodstock cushions are available for HK$ 40/each with any food purchase . If you also wanna collect the limited Snoopy Doghouse cushion, you have to purchase the complete set for HK$ 278. Besides the five cushions, 5 ten-dollar cash coupons are included in the limited cushion set.

McDonalds Snoopy Collection

The Snoopy Movie Cushions

Starting from December 11, 2015, Hong Kong McDonald’s will launch a series of Snoopy toys for Happy Meal. Each week there will be two figures released. Each figure has different functions and is more than just a figure. If you don’t like Happy Meal, all the figures can also be purchased at HK$ 8 with any value meal purchase. Each person each time can buy maximum two toys.

The first set is Snoopy sitting on top on his red doghouse as the Flying Ace and Charlie Brown. From December 18, 2015 fans can purchase Charlie Brown holding Snoopy or Snoopy and his best friend Woodstock. The following week (December 25) fans of Peppermint Patty and Woodstock should keep their eyes open while Lucy and Schroeder with his piano and Snoopy will be available from January 1, 2016. The last set will be launched on January 8, 2016 and feature Linus and Sally with Snoopy.

McDonalds Snoopy Collection

The Snoopy Movie Happy Meal Toys

McDonalds Snoopy Collection

The Snoopy Movie Happy Meal Toys

Similar to previous McDonalds plush toy promotions, McDonald’s will also launch a special Snoopy limited edition toy for McDelivery. It is only available when ordering food by phone or online. For every purchase of HK$ 70 or above, Snoopy fans can redeem a special limited edition memo stand featuring Snoopy as the Flying Ace in a black and white edition for HK$ 20.

(Note: The Copyright of the photos in this article belongs to Hong Kong McDonald’s)

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  • “If you are a big fun the Snoopy, Charlie Brown and their Peanuts gang, you man want to check out “Charlie Brown Café” in Tsim Sha Tsui or “Snoopy’s World” in Shatin.

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