With effect on June 7th, 2011 Hong Kong’s iconic tram will increase fares. For the past 13 years, it is the first price increase passengers have to face. Taking the “Ding Ding” was and still is the cheapest means of transportation on Hong Kong Island, but the days of enjoying a cheap way of sight-seeing Hong Kong Island for just HK$ 2 will be gone. The Hong Kong Tramways Ltd. applied for a 50 cent increase for the adult fare of the tram service, but government approved only 30 cents.

Hong Kong Tram fare increase

The revised fares will be HK$ 2.3 for adults and HK$ 1.2 for children (age 3-12). Seniors (age 65 or above) are still able to enjoy the HK$ 1 ride on the tram until June 2012. Effective from June 7th, 2012 fares of a single journey for seniors will increase to HK$ 1.1.

Ding Ding is operated since 1904 by Hong Kong Tramway Ltd. It is not just one of the transportation means on Hong Kong Island to Hongkongnese anymore but represents the history and memory of Hong Kong and becomes a “Must-Do” sightseeing to tourist. Most of the trams are not equipped with air-conditioners like other transportation in Hong Kong and for most of time (except bad weathers) the windows of Ding Ding are opened. You can enjoy the comfortable breeze while it takes you around Hong Kong Island.

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