The [Star Ferry] Corporation announces another fare price increase. Traveling with the popular [Star Ferry] will get more expensive from June 24th, 2012 onwards. Prices are increased for taking the iconic [Star Ferry] on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays by HK$ 0.40 for an adult ticket and HK$ 0.30 for children and disabled persons. Ticket prices for weekdays remain stable and unchanged (adult HK$ 2.5 and HK$ 1.5 for children and disabled persons for the upper deck). After the MTR Corporation, this is the second public transportation company in Hong Kong who announces a fare increase for the month of June 2012 (please follow the link to read more about for more information about the MTR fare increase).

Aside from the fare increases on weekends, the [Star Ferry] Corporation announced some other changes in their pricing structure. Currently, bicycle carriage is allowed free of charge on the lower deck of the [Star Ferry] on the “Wan Chai – Tsim Sha Tsui” route. This service will not be free anymore from June 24th, 2012 onwards. Visitors who travel with their bikes on this route and wish to take the [Star Ferry] from TST to Wan Chai and vice versa have to pay an additional HK$ 13.0 for the bicycle carriage.

Last but not least, we have some good news for all the foreign visitors to Hong Kong. The popular tourist ticket which allows the ticket holder to enjoy unlimited rides for four consecutive days on the two [Star Ferry] routes and trams will decrease its price. Yes, you read right. The [Star Ferry] Tourist Ticket for 4 days will be sold for HK$ 25.0 instead of HK$ 34.0.

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