Effective from March 25th, 2013 Coatijet will implement new ticket fares and luggage tariffs on its Ferry Services between Hong Kong and Macau.

Economy Cotai class tickets from Hong Kong will be HK$ 160 on weekdays. Weekend as well as night sailing economy class tickets will increase to HK$ 172 and HK$ 196 respectively. Single economy tickets from Macau will be adjusted to HK$ 149 on weekdays, HK$ 162 on weekends and HK$ 185 for the night sailing sessions.

Cotaijet arriving Hong Kong Macau Ferry

Cotai First class tickets from Hong Kong will be HK$ 213 on weekdays, HK$ 226 on weekends and HK$ 250 on the night sailing. Cotai First class tickets from Macau will be HK$ 203 on weekdays, HK$ 216 on weekends on HK$ 239 on night sailing sessions.

The VIP Class Hong Kong will range between HK$ 1,704 – 2,000 and from Macau from HK$ 1,624 – 1,912.

In addition, each passenger is allowed to have 1 hand carry luggage (less than 20kg and size not exceeding 56cm x 36cm x 23cm). Tariffs will be imposed to luggage exceeding standard limitation. For detailed information about charge for extra luggages  please click the link.

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