Due to raising inflation and fuel cost, Hong Kong’s taxi companies have to increase their fares. Starting from December 8, 2013 onwards, taking a taxi in Hong Kong will get more expensive by HK$ 2 per journey. The last fare increase dates back to May, 2011.

Hong Kong Taxi

Hong Kong Taxi

The new and revised flagfall (minimum fare for the first 2 km journey) for the Red Taxi (urban taxi) will rise from HK$ 20 to HK$ 22. Taking one of the Green Taxis of the New Territories will cost you HK$ 18.5 instead of HK$ 16.5 and the blue Lantau taxis will increase their flagfall rates from HK$ 15 to HK$ 17.

In addition, the incremental charge for each 200-metres travelled after the flagfall will increase by ten cents. Charges for the red urban taxi will rise from HK$ 1.50 to HK 1.60 while the green New Territories taxi will charge HK$ 1.40 instead of HK$ 1.30 and the blue Lantau taxis HK$ 1.40 instead of HK$ 1.30.

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